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  • Can I use Vietnam visa on arrival if exiting by gound?

    I am a US citizen and I am going to fly into Saigon with a visa from Vietnam-Visa, will I be able to exit by ground or must I exit by the airport with this visa?

    In General questions, Asked by kelli, 21,469 hours ago Comment View all 1 comment

    Dear kelli,

    Be kindly explained that visa on arrival is just required to be used for entry by air. When leaving the country, you can exit by any ways: by air, by land or on ship without problem.

    Even, if your visa is multiple entry and enter Vietnam by air before, you can return Vietnam by air, by land or on ship.

    Kindly regards,

    Bella Bui

    In General questions, Answered by Bella Bui, 21,469 hours ago 0 Unhelpful.
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