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  • What do I do if my Vietnam visa has expired while I am in Vietnam?

    I am in Vietnam and my Vietnam visa has expired. What do I do and what is the cost to extend for one month.


    In Visa extension, Asked by Bill, 19,009 hours ago Comment View all 3 comment

    Dear Bill,

    We are wondering whether you do mind sending us your passport page with visa stamped onto to our email ""

    Any information regarding extension procedure anh costs shall be supported to your person email.

    Kindly regards,

    Bella Bui

    In Visa extension, Answered by Bella Bui, 19,006 hours ago 0 Unhelpful.

    Secondly, rather than just one of us apply for two tcikets, we should both apply for four tcikets each Applying for 4 tciketsa0obviously reduces your odds .?

    In Visa extension, Answered by Summer, 18,618 hours ago 0 Unhelpful.
    Hi i have a 23 hour stopover in Ho Chi Minh city tommorrow. I have just realised my Visa expires on the 07th which is when i arrive at 10.25pm. I dont leave vietnam until the 08th at 21.25pm. What can i do about the one extra day?? In Visa extension, Answered by amanda, 4,815 hours ago 0 Unhelpful.
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