05 incredible advantages of Vietnam Visa on arrival

For a long time from its introduction in 2004, Vietnam visa on arrival has become an ideal choice for tourists traveling to Vietnam by air as it requires travelers no time and money moving from home to Vietnam Embassy to get Vietnam Visa. With this option, they can get their visa application completely done online and then get visa stamped upon arrival in Vietnam. Following are  05 advantages (Adv) when using Visa on Arrival service.

Adv1: Simple application procedure to get Vietnam visa

Obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival is rather simple through just one click on https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html to submit Vietnam visa application. It only takes couples of minutes to fill out the form. Then with 2 more steps online, consisting of confirming personal information and paying the service fee, applicant will get a visa approval letter to enter Vietnam and get visa stamped at Vietnam airport without any trouble.

Adv2: Time-saving with Vietnam Visa on arrival

Instead of waiting as many as 7 days to get visa issued by Vietnam embassy, the online visa application can help applicants get Vietnam visa approval letter within 2 working days at maximum. Even in urgent cases, Vietnam visa approval letter can be processed within one working day or 4 working hours. Vietnam visa on arrival will care all time troubles.

Adv3: Cost-saving with Vietnam visa online

The total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival may be higher or lower than cost of visa issued by the Vietnam embassy. However, with visa on arrival, applicants will not have to travel all the way to the Vietnam embassy, accordingly save money that would otherwise have been spent on the way. Additionally, all expenses as a result of delays when waiting to be served at the Vietnam embassy are now cut off or avoided.

The service fee to get Vietnam visa approval letter starts from $14.00. It is just a small fee to help applicants get out of trouble with lengthening procedures when applying for a Vietnam visa. And the applicants are just charged the service fee in case their visa application is surely processed successfully. And then the visa applicants will need to pay for another fee, called stamping fee at arrival airport to get visa stamped onto passport.

Adv4:  Convenience with Vietnam visa on arrival

With visa on arrival, the air travelers always take the initiative in their time. One can apply for Vietnam visa approval letter at any time before departure for Vietnam since visa is valid from date of arrival provided in the application, not from the date of application submission.

Adv5: Easy application for Vietnam visa online from anywhere

For people who are living far away from Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, Vietnam visa on arrival is the greatest choice. Despite being at home or on a holiday in other countries, applicants can easily apply for Vietnam visa online, via 04 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Submit application form at: https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html?

Step 2: Pay for service fee (Payment can be made using Credit/ Debit Card via OnePay/PayPal or cash via Western Union)

Step 3: Receive approval letter (within 1-2 working days for normal service), along with detailed instruction for documents and procedure to get visa stamped.

Step 4: Get visa stamped at arrival airport in Vietnam

For Vietnam Visa requirement, applicants can find on: https://www.vietnam-visa.com/how-to-apply-vietnam-visa/.

Here are 5 advantages of using Vietnam visa on arrival. Now let’s say goodbye to trouble and be a smarter traveler. Welcome to Vietnam!