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So you’re planning the vacation to India that you’ve waited months, maybe even years, to take. You’re staying a night at the Lake Palace, visiting the Virupaksha Temple, seeing the tigers at Kanha National Park, wandering through the Ajanta Caves, and, of course, visiting the Taj Mahal. Of course, there are certain necessities to tend to first, such as a passport, and yes, a visa to India. Luckily, an e-visa application online can make the process a whole lot easier than it was 20 years ago. No matter where you live on the globe, it’s more than likely that you’re going to need to get a visa before entering India. Luckily, India has made getting a visa as easy as a simple online application. This application process was introduced in 2010 for only three countries. Since then, it’s expanded to more than 150. India Visa Application has made the application to process India Visas as simple as it gets. The first form of their online India visa application should take less than one minute per person. A customer service team will then help you through the rest of the process, which includes a more substantial application form, a digital passport photo, and a scan of your passport. As long as your travel date is within 33 days of filling out the application, you should receive your visa within 72 hours, or as little as 24 hours if you choose rush service.

We also understand that with any electronic exchange, you want your information to remain secure, which is why we use SSL encryption on all web pages. Once you’ve acquired your e-visa for India, it will remain valid for thirty days from the date of your arrival in India. The cost is anywhere between $0-$97, and as long as we have not submitted the application to the government of India, you can receive a full refund. After the application has gone through, we will forward you an email from the government of India with details concerning your e-visa, including your application ID, visa number, and the validity of your visa. We suggest that you print this information and keep it with your passport. India Visa Application provides services to make visiting India simpler for you. So enjoy your vacation without any hitches and get ready the adventures that you’re sure to have.

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