How Clients talk about us –

There is a saying that “what your clients say best describe your service!”. It’s always true. With over 10 years assisting travelers to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival easily and conveniently, we have well established a strong satisfaction among great number of travelers to Vietnam from all other the world.

Now, let’s see how our clients talk about us and our service.

Vietnam visa client testimonials

First of all, let’s mention our major service – Vietnam visa on arrival

The very recent testimonial came from Sasmith Reddi – a very nice client. He said “Excellent Service. Very friendly, clear communication, taking time to listen and getting things done. First time I have used this service and am satisfied a 100%”.

Then, it was about our quick service from Sarah-Rose Williams who comes from United Kingdom. “Thanks so SO much Vietnam Visa for getting my approval letter in under 2 hours. You were great at answering all my questions quickly and got it done in the promised time. Would highly recommend. THANKS!!!”, she said.

“Super excellent, responsible and professional job. Thanks for everything” were the words that Al Giroian spent for our Vietnam visa service.

And we had Morgan Pillai who had spent time rated us on Facebook with such sweet words: “I sent mail and made the online payment to Vietnam Visa late Sunday evening. Today Monday morning received confirmation of visa letter in progress and by midday the letter was sent to me with detailed instruction on the procedure thereafter on arrival in Vietnam. I highly recommend them to anyone requiring visa assistance or tour booking.”.

And this is how our client, Mr. Ben Gold decided to choose our service and his feeling after that: “I was searching the Internet for a visa service and stumbled upon this one. I read good reviews and decided to try it. They finished my visa in only one day, less than I paid for (that is super fast.) I also selected the wrong visa, so I emailed them to have this corrected and they were swift in making this change and helpful in the overall process!”.

Secondly, it will come to our added services – fast-track and airport transfer

thank you from a Vietnam-visa client

“We live in Durban South Africa and had to send our passports to the Vietnam Embassy in Pretoria via courier to which was not very appealing to me. I contacted and engaged their services late one Sunday evening. To my surprise Steve contacted me the Monday morning and requested information and by close of business I had my visa letter. I than booked by fast track and airport transfers with them. Steve and his team sent me many emails to confirm my payments and details etc.

We arrived after 9pm on 18th May in Vietnam from Bangkok and to our surprise was a guy holding a board with our names. Sheer delight, we handed our passports and photos and USD 25 per person for immigration. In less than 30 mins all formalities were done which was in deed fast track because we never stood in any immigration line to have our passport stamped.

The guy handed over our passports told us to fetch our luggage and meet the driver outside the terminal at gate 10. Two very friendly young people met us and loaded our luggage in a good vehicle and drive us to our hotel of choice. The service was EXCELLENT and HIGHLY recommend to our travellers wanting Visa on arrival in Vietnam. Worth every penny. By the way it costed me about half the price for my visa on arrival than if I got it via my local embassy/consulate.

Vietnam-Visa also assisted us with our tours in Vietnam. Well done to Steve and his team. Keep up the excellent work and service. Will definitely use them again and recommend to family & friend.”

That’s what Morgan Pillai talked about our services. Or another testimonial coming from Zahra Dharsee who had “My husband and were both so happy to have taken Emily up on this offer as the entire process was quick & straightforward. The VISA handler was waiting when we arrived and we had our VISA within 30 min. The ride to the hotel was an added bonus and one less thing to worry about. Thank you for your excellent service!!”.

Now, let’s come to how our clients talk about our persons behind the service:

When speaking of success of our service, satisfaction of our clients, it’s a big fault not to mention the persons behind that. And on this occasion, we would like to send a big big thank to our clients. Thank you all for raising your voice acknowledging contribution of such great persons.

Chloe has been an absolutely fantastic help to me! Organising a last minute Vietnam visa on arrival for me and answering every single question under the sun that I had. I have always used the consulate to get the visa before departure but would definitely reconsider this now. The process is just so easy, the staff are professional – from Dashlee Harriss from Australia!

Nancy Bui - Vietnam Visa Team

Then, it comes to our humorous but professional Nancy Bui who have been working with us for over 5 years – “Nancy Bui has been our savior today, sorted out an emergency visa for Vietnam in 2 hrs for us. Thank you so much. Will definitely use this company again.” – from Pat Holland.

And then it’s our young Anna with words from Lizl Stegmann “A huge thank you to Cindy and Anna, professional, sufficient and just plain WOW. Immediately responded to my emergency and all was sorted under 2 hours. It has been a long time since I have been this impressed with customer service. Thank you ladies! you saved the day!!”

Vicky Lai - Vietnam visa team

Or “I’ve always used this service for more than 1 year now and I just got my business visa yesterday and I would like to thank the whole Vietnam-visa team especially to Ms Vicky Lai for always being there for me when I need help even if I’m not an easy person to deal with. Hehe. Thank you thank you thank you very much” are words Alex Villanueva Figarola spent for our professional Vicky Lai.

Of course, we cannot list here all feedback from our clients. To view more, please see here