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Chin State, Myanmar

Michael Pollock
December 2016

Our handcrafted wooden boat, not much bigger than a canoe, struggled against the current as we made our way up the Lemro River in western Myanmar. The vessel was essentially a smaller version of a long-tail boat commonly seen on Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River.  Powered by a tiny two-stroke engine, the boat was not built for speed and it took the better part of two hours to reach our first destination; a cluster of tiny villages in Chin State, home to a remarkable group of women known as the Tattooed Ladies.

Tattooed Ladies - Chin State - Myanmar - Vietnam visa

Sharing borders with Rakhine State and Bangladesh, Chin State in western Myanmar is a remote and largely undeveloped region. Covering an area of over 13,000 square miles (36,000 km²), it has the highest poverty rate of any state in the country. Many of its mountainside villages are essentially isolated due to a lack of infrastructure. Most of the state’s 780,000 people are known as the Chin. They are one of Myanmar’s “major ethnic groups”. The Chin people are further subdivided into numerous tribes.

Visiting ethnic villages in neighboring Chin State is a popular activity with the few travelers that make the journey to Mrauk-U in Rakhine State. The highlight of the trip is meeting and interacting with the famous tattooed ladies. Generations ago the young girls of these villages had their faces covered in tattoos. Applied with plant thorns, intricate patterns were painfully applied using soot from burned tree bark mixed with leaves and water as ink.

Tattooed Ladies in Chin State - Myanmar - Apply Vietnam visa

There are several possible explanations for this unusual custom. One theory is that the women were marked to make them unattractive and therefore less likely to be kidnapped by rival ethnic groups. Others think that the markings were done as a way to differentiate people from various clans or villages. As time passed the tradition became an accepted cultural norm and the tattoos were […]

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South East Asia Fun Facts

The region of South East Asia is surrounded by the areas of China to the north, the subcontinent of India to the west and the rest is bounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  This large area encompasses 10 countries which include in no particular order Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and the Philippines.

The actual term of South East Asia became popularized during World War II.  Before this, it was called by many names such as the East Indies, the Indochina region and even the Malay Peninsula.

Here are some interesting facts:

After Brazil, the country of Vietnam is the largest exporter of coffee.

Vietnam coffee - Vietnam visa

The temple of Angkor Wat of Cambodia is the largest known temple on earth.

Laos Sunset at Wat That Chomsi

Vietnam stretches close to 1700 km from north to south, and at the narrowest area (chokepoint) located near the center of the country; it is only 50 km wide.

Halong bay - Vietnam - Visa

The country of Indonesia has over 15,000 small to large islands.

Island of Indonesia - Vietnam visa

The population of South East Asia as a whole is close to 600 million people, where a fifth is living on the island of Java (Indonesia).

The Island of Java - Indonesia - Vietnam visa

The country of Brunei has the most vehicle ownership in all of Southeast Asia.

Brunei travel - Vietnam visa

The National sport of Laos is Kator.

Malaysia has a plant species that grows the world’s largest leaves which can measure up to 3 x 2 m long.

Trees with world's largest leaves in Malaysia - Vietnam visa

The most popular drink in Myanmar is actually tea (both black and green).

tea farming in Myanmar

In […]

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A Christmas note from Deals Hong Kong for group buy gift shopping

The holiday season is dawning upon us and there is a new way to find great gift ideas at a bargain.  The year 2016 has been kind to shoppers looking for all sorts of group buying deals and daily deals will leave its imprint on holiday shopping as well.

Christmas notes Hong Kong - Vietnam visa online

The main worries for holiday shoppers are the busy crowds, parking, and heavy shopping bags.  Of course online shopping is one solution for these headaches, but this year giving gifts via group deals gives shoppers another new option.  For gift-able group deals, shoppers simply have to input the receiver’s e-mail address during checkout.  If the gift is a physical good, the shopper can also choose to redeem the item first, then give the gift in person for a more personable experience.

Christmas note for Hong Kong - Vietnam visa online

Another worry for holiday gift givers is that it takes too much time to look for the right gift, at the right price.  With group deals, shoppers can always ensure that they are getting a great deal since they are usually paying at least 50% or more off the original price.  What’s more common gifts such as jewelry, electronics, gadgets, and beauty & spa vouchers are always commonly found in group buying.

Christmas deals Hong Kong - Vietnam visa

Looking for something unique?  For those who need some inspirational ideas on gifts for kids, bosses or your significant other; be sure to visit Hong Kong Christmas deals to help with your holiday shopping.

Hopefully our website is able to help you find the best gift for all your loved ones this holiday season.  Happy holidays from all of us here at Deals Hong Kong, and we wish you a pleasant beginning to 2017!

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13 interesting facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a very interesting country, but unfortunately few people know something about it. Shevchenko, Klitschko brothers, borscht, girls, Chernobyl, that’s all ordinary man will tell about Ukraine. But there are many interesting facts about this country, which no one even suspected.

Kamianets Podilskyi Castle - Ukraine - Vietnam visa

  • Ukraine is large. It is actually the largest state in Europe. It has an area of 603,628 km2, making it 20 times bigger than Belgium.
  • The largest desert in Europe is in Ukraine’s south. Oleshky Sands, located in 30 km east of Kherson is the largest expanse of sand in Europe.
  • Nowhere else in the world you can find so many unique gypsum caves on such a small territory, as in Ukrainian Podilla. Optymistychna Cave is the longest cave in Eurasia and the fifth-longest cave in the world.
  • Askania Nova Steppes Reserve is the oldest in the world steppe reserve. It is home to 500 kinds of plans and 3000 animal species.
  • Ukraine is a home of 5000 castles. Unfortunately, many of them remained as ruins, not being fully reconstructed. Most of them located in the Western part of Ukraine.
  • It’s no French Alps, but Ukraine has about 50 ski resorts.
  • Famous Tunnel of Love is located near the town of Kleven, it is a rail road for a private train that provides wood for a local factory.

famous Tunnel of Love in Ukraine - Vietnam visa online portal

  • Khreshchatyk Street in Kiev is the shortest yet widest main city street in the world. Its length is 1.2 km.
  • Arsenalnaya Metro Station, built in 1960 in Kiev is the deepest in the world (105 meters).
  • Lviv has the highest cafes per capita. The city boasts of dozens of places, where wonderful coffee and hot chocolate are prepared, and where a variety of sweets are made on location.
  • Vyshyvanka, bohemian embroidered blouse, that was the hottest trend of Summer 2016 is one of the oldest Ukrainian attributes and a part of a basic wardrobe in Ukraine.
  • “Carol of […]
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Jeju – The Jewel of Korea

Just mention Jeju to any Korean and it immediately evokes a cheerful response about what a beautiful place it is. This is due in part that it has been featured in many Korean serials, the most popular of which is Dae Jang Geum aka “Jewel in The Palace”.

Jeju island, located off the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, is South Korea’s largest island. It is a favorite holiday destination popular with honeymooners. Beautiful beaches, lush countryside, spectacular coastlines and scenic hiking trails make this an all-in-one destination that caters to all holiday seekers.

Jeju island of Korea - Vietnam visa

The best time to visit Jeju is during spring and autumn. Summer is hot and winter temperatures falls below 0º Celsius at times. Spring is when you see Cherry blossoms and other flowers in full bloom. This is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors. Autumn is perfect for hiking the Olle trail that loops around the island.

The best way to see Jeju is to rent a car and self-drive. Although there are public buses serving most parts of the island, driving in Jeju is the most convenient as you get to see more in less time. Most rental cars come with an English GPS. Navigating around the island is easy. All you need to do is to key in the telephone numbers of the destination you intend to go. Here’s a comprehensive list of GPS telephone numbers for Jeju that will be useful and save you some time.

Places of Interest

Jeju is endowed with natural wonders all within an hour or two by car. In the north there is Yongduam Rock, a rock shaped like a dragon’s head.

Situated on the west coast, Hyeopjae Beach is popular during summer for those who want to bask in the calm turquoise sea. Nearby Hallim Park is a great destination for the family. It is a botanical garden, zoo, children’s amusement park and cultural experience all wrapped in one.

The southern part of Jeju is where most of the natural wonders are. There are […]

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Visit the U.S. – It is easier than you think!

Travelling to the United States is an exciting adventure, part of the bucket lists of many international travelers. This is the country of diversity, of many colors, seasons and time zones. An exciting experience is knocking at your door – there is just one thing to remember – everyone is required to have a legal permit to enter the U.S. for a determined period of time. The most popular nonimmigrant visa categories are the B1 work visa and the B2 tourist visa. However, there is an exception to the general rule – ESTA – an Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which waivers all visa requirements.

This article discusses the different options foreign citizens have when travelling to the USA.

US Visa ESTA - Vietnam Visa partner

What are B1 and B2 visas?

B1 and B2 are temporary nonimmigrant visas, both issued for either a single entry or multiple ones.

The most important thing to know about B1 and B2 visas is that:

  • B1 visa is issued only for business purposes
  • B2 visa is issued only for tourism and leisure purposes

Eligible candidates need to fill out Form DS-160, Nonimmigrant Visa Application and attach a recent photo in color to it. The most important part of the application process is the interview at a local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The standard wait time for the appointment and the results varies widely, depending on the applicant’s country of origin, time of application and visa category.

The validity period for both the B1 work and B2 leisure visas may start from three months for “single entry” visas and go up to ten years for “Multiple entries”.

What is ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization under the Visa Waiver Program.

The program includes 38 countries, whose citizens may apply for a visa waiver online and receive an authorization to visit the States in the following 48 to 72 hours.

This is a specially created prescreening process, aiming to speed up and facilitate the entry to the USA of citizens from eligible countries, who also meet the individual eligibility requirements, which are as follows:

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What kind of Italy traveler are you?

traveling Italy with

Are you passionate about art and cuisine? Or have a flair for design and fashion? Perhaps the legends and history are what you want to experience. Too boring for you – are you looking for sport and adventure? No matter what kind of traveler you are, Italy has a bit of something for everyone.

The Urban Fashionista

If you like architecture, design and fashion than Milan is the city for you. The architectural variety spans from ancient churches to Liberty style villas, to high-tech, modern skyscrapers. You would not want to miss The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, adjacent to the Golden Quadrilateral, Milan’s shopping district. The gallery is the oldest glass covered gallery in Europe, which is the heart of Milan’s luxury shopping. The original Prada store can be found here as well as other boutiques and hotels. Villa Necchi Campiglio,  Via Mozart 14, once  home to a wealthy industrialist, is now a house-museum and not only is a step back in time in the building and décor but holds one of the most complete collections of twentieth century art; the Alighiero ed Emilietta de’ Micheli Collection the Claudia Gian Ferrari Collection of Italian works from the 20thCentury.  Every April, Milan is buzzing with events for the Salone dei Mobile, the international design fair. For the fashionista, the time to visit is during Fashion Week. Womens’ fashion collections are in February and September whereas the Mens’ Fashion collections are in January and June. Even if you can’t get invitations to shows, the whole town is celebrating fashion and you just may get a glimpse of the models rushing to their next appointment. Although everyone thinks of Milan as the place to go shopping, you can get some good deals at the outlets outside of Milan. The Mall is near Florence has designer shops like Gucci, Loro Piana, Sergio Rossi, Armani, and Bottega Veneta.

Hills of Tuscany, wine country - Vietnam visa online

Hills of Tuscany, wine country

[caption id=”attachment_14891″ align=”aligncenter” […]

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Ten amazing undiscovered destinations to discover now

Many lesser known, undiscovered destinations are located in Asia, India and the Middle East. Travel experts Wego, have put together a fascinating list of ten destinations sure to satisfy an adventurous heart. Check them out, before everyone else does!
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