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Vietnam visa is always the first thing to consider for your every trip to Vietnam. But for some reasons, including, but not limited to:

  1. urgent travel,
  2. no attention to visa before the trip or
  3. also no awareness of travel visa,

many travelers encounter problems with visa when their departure time for Vietnam is almost reached.

What if you have no visa while your flight to Vietnam is just few hours ahead
What if you have no visa while your flight to Vietnam is just few hours ahead

What if your flight is just few hours ahead and you have no Vietnam visa when it is required

Imagine what if you have no Vietnam visa and you cannot enter Vietnam. All things you have reserved for a Vietnam trip, including air tickets, hotels, tours, etc. will be cancelled, and all your money will be lost.

What can do for you in this case?

With over 11 years uninterruptedly serving over 300,000 groups of travelers to Vietnam from over 200 countries around the world, we – have thousands of times successfully assisting travelers who have no visa even when their departure is just a few hours, or even 30 minutes ahead.

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Now, let’s learn how quick we can assist you to get the Vietnam visa approval letter

Although it is highly recommended that you apply for the visa to Vietnam at least 2 working days, we – Vietnam-visa can assist you to get the visa approval letter within 4 working hours, 2 working hours or even 1 working hour,  get it at weekend as well.

It is called super-urgent service

How to request the Vietnam visa super-urgent service

There are several ways to request a super-urgent visa approval letter with, including complete the online visa application form here: After receiving your information, our consultant shall contact you for further processing.

However, in urgent cases, you may make errors in spelling upon completing the form. As such, we highly recommend you send us soft copy of your passport via whatsapp at +84.946.583.583, and telling us your type of visa. Our staff will complete the form on your behalf, get back to you with a payment link and process the visa approval letter for you as soon as possible.

SO, DON’T WORRY if you are in need for a last-minute visa for Vietnam. We are always here to assist you. Just call us at +84.946.583.583 at any time.