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Any advice for Vietnam packing checklist for a South Korean citizen?

Hi, I’m Ji Hee from South Korea, planning for a trip to Vietnam.


Dear Ji Hee, 

For South Korean citizens, we are happy to inform you that you will get visa exemption for a stay of 15 days. To get Vietnam visa, please keep in mind that your date of arrival not within 30 days from the exit date of the last stay in Vietnam. You can check full requirements about how to get Vietnam visa in South Korea through:

If you want to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, or your date of arrival fall within 30 days from your last visit to Vietnam, you are required to have Vietnam visa. In this case, Visa on Arrival is highly recommended for its ultimate convenience and simplicity. All you need to do is to complete the form at HERE

What to bring in Vietnam?

We will list out some of the most necessary items for your Vietnam packing checklist:

  1. Good Footwear: Vietnamese streets are pretty slippery and lumpy, especially in rainy season (from May to November in the South, and from April to September in the North). If you plan to visit Vietnam at this time, it is better to prepare a pair of non-slip shoes.
  2. Torch: In some areas, the electrical system is not stable, power supply can be cut down at any time. If it occurs at night, a torch or bunch of candles can be saviors in the night.
  3. Insect repellent: Because Vietnam lies in tropical zone with high humidity all year round, therefore, it creates favorable condition for insect including mosquitos, lice, fleas, etc. to reproduce. If you got bitten by these insects, you can have high chance of getting transmitted disease.
  4. Electrical adaptor: As the shape of socket and voltage vary amongst countries, you will need to bring adaptor to connect electrical devices.
  5. Medicine Kit: including gauze, anti-diarrhea, antiseptic solution, etc. When you come to a foreign country, it is possible that you will get affected by strange food, or weather. So it is better to prepare yourself with proper medication.

Above is our guideline to help to prepare and enjoy your trip in Vietnam. We really hope that you will have your best time here!

Best Regards, 

Vietnam-visa Team

September 30, 2017 | Categories: OTHERS

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