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Which passport can I use: BNO (British National Overseas Passport) or Hongkong?

Hello from Michelle living in Hongkong. I have 2 passport: BNO and Hongkong. I have one concern to ask. Can I be exempted from Vietnam visa if using BNO passport?


Dear Michelle, 

Being BNO passport holders are often considered as advantageous. Because if the Hong Kong political structure changes, or the ‘one country, two systems’ is canceled, or other countries withdraw their recognition of the HKSAR passport, BNO will get you to other parts of the world, and provide the last escape door. Also, BNO passport can get you to 189 countries, including some former British colonies that require a visa for Hong Kong passport holders. In case of emergency, one can get help from the British Consulate, and stay in most European Union countries.

Both two types of passports are acceptable when applying Vietnam visa in Hongkong

Take notice that even though UK citizens can enter Vietnam for up to maximum of 15 days, BNO passport holders are not exempted from Vietnam Visa. Holders of this nationality are British nationals and Commonwealth citizens, but not British citizens. The nationality BNO does not grant right of abode anywhere in the world, not in the United Kingdom or Hong Kong,but almost all BN(O)s are permanent residents of Hong Kong. BN(O)s are subject to British immigration controls and do not have the automatic right to live or work in the United Kingdom. Either you use BNO passport or Hongkong passport, you are required to get a Vietnam visa before entering Vietnam. 

For better convenience, we recommend you to choose Hongkong passport when applying Vietnam Visa On Arrival with us. You can read further on Vietnam visa fee and guide to get Vietnam visa for Hongkong passport holders of Hongkong citizens OR simply select “Hongkong Nationality” when filling simple visa application form with us in: 

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October 24, 2017 | Categories: VISA REQUIREMENTS

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