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Baggage allowance for Australian at Vietnam airport?

Can I bring 30 kg cheese & dried fruit, along with 6 bottes of wine? Can I bring my medicine? Which vaccination do I have to take before Vietnam arrival?


Dear Charlotte,

Welcome to Vietnam! Kindly make sure you successfully get Vietnam visa for Australians and be ready to know more about additional information about baggage allowance at Vietnam airport as written below: 

About 30 kg of cheese & dried fruit: allowed in Vietnam airport 

  • Most of food without smell and water can be brought in the passenger cabin.
  • Please note that you should not bring coconut, durian, and jackfruit as they have water and smell. However, if durian and jackfruit are divided and put in a close box, they will be allowed on board. Snacks can be brought on board.

About 6 bottles of wines: allowed for 2 bottles only in Vietnam airport

Exact Vietnam duty-free allowance: 

  • 5 liters of liquor of 22 percent or higher volume, 2 liters of liquor or wine of under 22 percent volume and 3 liters of alcoholic beverage or beer
  • 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 gram of tobacco shreds
  • The value of other luggage, which is not on the lists of banned goods from import, temporary import or subject to conditional import, must not exceed VND 10 million.

About medicine: allowed if number of medicine is the same as shown in in the prescribed dosage & medicines are declared at the Customs

About vaccination: no need to bring on board

  • In some cases when you were in some certain countries, you will be checked your health up at the Customs post. 

Also, be noted about some restricted items on board that you should avoid carrying in your baggage, such as: 

  • All knives included the hunting knifes and others
  • All swords
  • Bludgeons, blackjacks or similar instruments.
  • Any devices or instruments are not commonly viewed as dangerous, but the possession of which suggests that it may be used as a weapon, namely, ice picks, straight (cut-throat) razors, long-blade scissors, etc.

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October 19, 2017 | Categories: OTHERS

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