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Can I get my Vietnam visa within 2 weeks?

There are only 2 weeks left before 1st of Oct.. I guess that there is no enough time to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa within 2 weeks. Can you assist me? I’m Chinese. Thanks. Lala


Dear Lala,

Please be kindly informed that if  you are traveling to Vietnam by air, we can assist you to get a visa approval letter within 2 working days at maximum, not 2 weeks, and then you will get your visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

This kind of visa is called Vietnam visa on arrival. Its full details are available here: How Vietnam visa on arrival works.

Here come 3 steps to obtain this kind of Vietnam visa for Chinese:

  1. Complete the Vietnam visa online form; and pay for service fee;
  2. Receive visa approval letter via email within 2 working days;
  3. Get visa stamped upon arrival airport in Vietnam.

Here is the Vietnam visa form to complete.

In case you do not wish to complete the form, just send soft copy of your passports to and let us know your arrival date, arrival airport and type of airport you wish to obtain. We will process the application form for you and send you a payment link to make payment for service fee.

Hopefully this information answers your question well.

Should you need any further information about Vietnam visa or travel, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,

October 1, 2018 | Categories: VISA ON ARRIVAL

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