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How to get a Vietnam visa by land border crossing from Cambodia

Hi! I’m entering in Vietnam on land from Cambodia (Sihanoukville). On your website I can see only request for visa if I arrive directly on airport. What to do in this case? I’m not traveling alone I’m traveling with organized tourist group. Thank you!


Dear sir,

In case your stay in Vietnam is less than 30 days, you may check whether your nationality(ies) is/are eligible for a Vietnam e-visa. Here is the link to check: List of nationals eligible for Vietnam e-visa. If yes, apply for this kind of visa as guided.

In case your nationality is not supported with e-visa, you have a single option – visit the Vietnam embassy to apply for the visa.

Contact details of Vietnam embassies worldwide are available here:

Should you need any further information about Vietnam visa or travel, feel free to let us know.

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September 11, 2018 | Categories: VISA REQUIREMENTS

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