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Is 1-month Vietnam visa available for US passport holders in 2016

I just want to visit Vietnam for around 1 week in this December. Can I obtain 1-month single entry visa now, as it costs much to obtain 1-year visa? Please. I’m waiting for your response.


Dear Solan,

We are sorry to say that at the moment, US citizens must obtain a 1-YEAR MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA TO VIETNAM regardless of length of their stay in Vietnam. Other types including 1-, 3- or 6-month visa to Vietnam becomes unavailable for US citizens now.

This is the mutual agreement between the Vietnam government and the US counterpart.

To obtain 1-year multiple entry visa for Vietnam, you now need to pay:

  1. US $35 as service fee; and
  2. US $135 as stamping fee.

This is the fee to obtain visa on arrival for US citizens.

In case you wish to obtain it directly at the Vietnam embassy, the fee may be different, ranging from US $200 to US $300. So we suggest you use the former if you enter Vietnam by air.

Here is the detailed guide to obtain a visa on arrival for US:

  1. Complete the online form for visa approval letter at;
  2. Pay for service fee;
  3. Get the visa approval letter via email within 2 working days;
  4. Get visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam after showing the letter, other documents and paying for stamping fee.

Using 1-year multiple entry visa still have its advantages. In case you wish to come back Vietnam within 1 year, you can use it without having to undergo any visa procedure.

We hope this cost will not keep you from visiting our country.

Have a nice day,

Oct 22, 2016 | Categories: VISA ON ARRIVAL

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