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Is there Vietnam Embassy in Cape Town?

Hello, I’m looking for address and contacts of vietnam embassy to get visa to vietnam from South Africa. So hard to find. If there is no office here, what should I do to apply for a visa to Vietnam from South Africa?


Dear Minenhle, 

Currently there is no Vietnam Embassy in Cape Town, South Africa. Instead, you can come to Vietnam Embassy in Pretoria, following this address & contact: 

  • 87 Brooks St., Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa
  • +27 (0)12 362 8119
  • +27 (0) 12 342 8441

However, this office is located around  1308 km from Cape Town, that may make you encounter a great inconvenience to apply for Vietnam Embassy Visa in person or by post. The general following steps after you submit your visa application by driving 1308 kilometers or sending by post to Vietnam Embassy in Pretoria are:

  1. Download the application form on website of Vietnam Embassy in South Africa, fill it out and attached it with a photo;
  2. Prepare documents for application, including: application form, original passport, photos and visa fee, an envelop with unused stamp and others as required by the embassy;
  3. Send all the documents and visa fee to the embassy address by post;
  4. Wait and receive the envelop back with your original passport and visa stamp;

When sending your important paper, including your original passport and visa fee to Vietnam Embassy in South Africa, please select the reliable carrier to ensure such paper shall not be lost on their way to reach the embassy and vice versa.

Or you can choose another convenient way to get visa for Vietnam from South Africa even though there is no Vietnam Embassy in Cape Town: VOA Vietnam – Vietnam Visa On Arrival. 

This way is said to solve the inconveniences of the former way – risk of losing passport on the way forth and back from the embassy by post; various documents to be submitted for visa application. Its application is made completely online without submitting any documents. Here is its simple process:

  1. Access to, and complete the form here (no document is required);
  2. Review to make sure all information is correct, and then make payment of service fee online;
  3. Wait for maximum 2 working days or even 2 working hours in urgent cases (for tourist visa) to get visa approval letter delivered to email;
  4. Get visa stamped upon original passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport (a few minutes at the airport).

Feel free to contact us if you need further support about your Vietnam visa issues. 


Best Regards, 

Vietnam-visa Team

October 18, 2017 | Categories: OTHERS

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