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Multiple names on the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?

Hi, I’ve just applied a Vietnam Visa through your website and already received the Visa Approval Letter. However, I am very concerned that 3 other strange names have been added to my visa letter. I only asked for a visa for myself. Is this something wrong with my approval letter? What should I do? Can my approval letter be acceptable at Vietnam airport? Kindly let me know. Thanks!


Dear Sai, 

Please don’t worry. Having multiple names on your Visa Approval Letter is acceptable.

According to legal basis, the requested applications at the same time are processed together by Vietnam Immigration Department. Therefore, you can still get Vietnam Visa stampted at the Arrival Airport even when your Visa Approval Letter has the other names. 

Also, your information will be kept confidential because every customers are already verified.

For further support when arriving Vietnam, you can see at:

Thanks again for choosing our Vietnam Visa On Arrival service, we wish you a wonderful Vietnam trip ahead! 

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Best Regards, 

Vietnam-Visa Team

October 30, 2017 | Categories: VISA ON ARRIVAL

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