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Do I need to re-apply Vietnam visa when I stayed in Vietnam, exit by land, then coming back Vietnam through air?

Best greetings from Emily! I’m Australian citizens and planning to travel South-East Asia next month. Maybe I will exit Vietnam for a few days to visit Cambodia through National borders in land. Then come back Vietnam by air to visit some friends here.


Dear Emily, 

It depends on types of your original Visa which you applied for. 

  • If it’s Single-Entry Visa, you are required to re-apply a visa to Vietnam.
  • If it’s Multiple-Entry Visa which hasn’t been expired, you don’t need to re-apply Vietnam Visa
  • If it’s Multiple-Entry Visa which expired, you need to re-apply a visa for Vietnam

The date expiration must still be effective before the time when you come back Vietnam by air. For the best preparation, we recommend you to apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival from Australia  with us. With 10+ year experiences & dedicated team members, we will help you at its best with any Vietnam Visa Extension or Visa Application in the most simplified and convenient way.   

For any other concerns, feel free to contact us through Hotline +84. 946.583.583 or email

Best Regards, 

Vietnam-visa Team

October 30, 2017 | Categories: OTHERS

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