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Question: Vietnam visa arrival date

Hello, I want to apply for a visa to Vietnam, but I am not sure exactly what day I will arrive in HCM. If I enter 10 April as my arrival date on my online visa application, but I actually arrive 12 April, will that be a problem? Andrew

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Nov 11, 2014

Question: Vietnam visa for New Zealand Travellers

Hello, is this OK for people with a New Zealand passport to use Vietnam visa on arrival as well?
Kimmy Morman

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Nov 10, 2014

Question: Approval letter for visa on arrival to Vietnam

Are the visa on arrival letters for just the people within my group or would there be details of other peoples on the same letter which I would receive?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Nov 08, 2014

Question: Extending Vietnam visa

I wi when ready.can I extend multiple 3 moths?thank Yours Jefferson Mason to go for 3 months single entry but I may wish to extend for another 3 months.Can I obtain a visa for Vietnam with only an entry date and then extend for 3 months more and book return.
Jefferson Mason

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Nov 07, 2014

Question: Vietnam visa single or multiple entry

My partner and I are going round Cambodia and Vietnam. We are flying from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh, then from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, then Hanoi back to the UK.
From what I have read we need a single entry visa but then on other websites it says we need a multiple entry visa as we will be going through border control.Which visa do we need?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Nov 01, 2014

Question: Old/New visa dates to Vietnam

The single entry Vietnam visa that I have at the moment expires on November 10th. I will be flying to Bangkok on November 6th. I will return to HCM on November 10th. Will I be able to get a new Vietnam visa that starts on the 10th?
Cam on, Mark

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Oct 20, 2014

Question: Vietnam visa application for Indians

Dear Sir/Madam,
We would like to apply for a business visa for an Indian national. He is the General Manager/Director of Carestream Health Singapore Pte Ltd – ASEAN Region. He holds a Singapore Employment Pass. He is required to travel to Vietnam for business regularly and therefore would like to apply for a multiple visa. We have gone your website include online application, but not able to get it done. There does not seem to be any option for “INDIAN NATIONAL”. Appreciate your help how we should proceed with this application.
Many thanks. Betty Koh

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Oct 16, 2014

Question: Arrival Date for applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival

Hi! I’m planing on traveling to Vietnam in November, but i don’t have the exact arrival date. I know is between November 8th and November 29 because i have to fly back, so my question is if i have to put the exact date on the questionnaire or if i put the 8th i can use it for one month? (because I’m applying for the one month/one entry visa)
Thank you! Andrea

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Oct 13, 2014

Question: Change Vietnam airport to get visa on arrival

I’ve just applied for my visa (and my husband’s) , so i hope i have it soon.
One more question. I’ve applied entering in Hanoi….but can i enter Vietnam in some other cites?
I’m looking forward knowing your country.
Kind regards,
Andrea M.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Oct 13, 2014

Question: Multiple Entry Visa for Vietnam

I am applying online for the multiple entry visa- my first entry is Hanoi (HAN), then the second time I enter the country I will arrive at Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), which one do I need to select because it won’t let me select two destinations? Does this matter?
Thank you,

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Oct 05, 2014

Question: Visa application Ho Chi Minh

hello, I am arriving by air to Ho Chi Minh airport but I do not see this city in your application drop down list. What should I do?
Thank you. Mariya Devine.

By admin | Date: Aug 15, 2014

Question: Vietnam visa for domestic transfer at HCMC

I am flying to Da Nang from Singapore with a connecting flight at HCMC where I change planes, do I need o go through immigration at HCMC airport or at Da Nang? Where should I put as the VOA collection?

By admin | Date: Jul 27, 2014

Question: Vietnam visa request

I am planning a trip to Vietnam from August 20 to September 12. My itinerary in Vietnam is Hanoi (from Noi Bai Aiport), Sapa, and then Danang (Danang airport), Hue, Nha Trang and finally Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta. Do I need to apply for a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa for Vietnam?
Thks. Galazy.

By admin | Date: Jul 19, 2014

Question: Vietnam visa

Does it matter if I enter the country after my given entry date??

By admin | Date: Jul 19, 2014

Question: Enquiry on Vietnam visa

Can i apply for Vietnam visa in the UK as a Nigerian on visiting visa to the UK. Thank you. Fisayo.

By admin | Date: May 23, 2014

Question: How long is the visa valid for?

I’m thinking of visiting Vietnam sometime in Aug of this year and am wondering if I apply now , how long is the visa good for? Thank you. Grace Ein.

By admin | Date: May 05, 2014

Question: Getting Vietnam visa online

Dear sir , i emailed you yesterday regarding getting visa online which you replied to me before that i can get it online but when i tried to get the visa there is no bahraini nationality in the natioalties . so plz reply to me what to do because im coming next month on 3rd.
Warmest regards, Mohamed.

By admin | Date: May 05, 2014

Question: Is Vietnam visa on arrival legitimate

How are we guaranteed that this is a genuine service as Australian consulate says they cant guarantee the visa. Indran.

By admin | Date: May 02, 2014

Question: Change Vietnam visa entry port

Can I change entry port Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City? Jame Patrick

By admin | Date: Apr 27, 2014

Question: Invitation

Possible work invitation letter for Iraqi citizen (just invitation letter). Thanks with best regards. Oahaj

By admin | Date: Apr 14, 2014

Question: Exit date of Vietnam visa on arrival

Can I leave Vietnam a day before the exit date that I had indicated? Or do I have to leave on the very exact date stated on the VISA? Sofia

By admin | Date: Apr 04, 2014

Question: Photo size for Vietnam visa

Can you please confirm that the photo does not need to be exactly 4x6cm as stated on the Entry and Exit form M3? Alyn.

By admin | Date: Mar 27, 2014

Question: Vietnam tourist visa

I am Iranian, but in your list there is no Iranian nationality. Are we need visa, or will get upon arrival in Vietnam?

By admin | Date: Mar 26, 2014

Question: Travel to Vietnam later than the arrival date issued in the approval letter

I applied and get the visa approval letter for 1 month (from April 13 to May 13). But my plan changed and I will enter Vietnam about 5 days later (April 18). Does this approval letter work? If so, will I have 1 month in Vietnam or I must exit Vietnam by May 13 if I use this letter? Kikata

By admin | Date: Mar 26, 2014

Question: When to apply so that my letter of approval covers my travel time period

I will be arriving Vietnam on May 21 and departing on May 28. While there I will make a side trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia so I know I will need a 1 month, multiple visit visa. If I apply now (March 24) can I request the approval letter have a start period of mid May or will it automatically start as soon as the approval is granted. In other words can I apply early or do I have to wait until later to make sure the approval letter time frame covers my intended travel time period? Greg.

By admin | Date: Mar 24, 2014

Question: Can Lebanese apply visa from the Vietnam embassy in Malaysia?

Can Lebanese apply visa from the Vietnam embassy in Malaysia? how much and how long it takes?

By admin | Date: Mar 20, 2014

Question: How to change arrival airport if got a visa

What if i decide to change the arrival airport after I obtained the visa? Alessia

By admin | Date: Mar 09, 2014

Question: How to get a Visa on arrival by land to Vietnam

I intend to enter in the country by land, once that i´m going from Laos, I would like to know how i can do to get the visa on arrival, once that i won´t have much time in between the countries i would like to visit.

By admin | Date: Feb 10, 2014

Question: Time limit for using visa approval letter once issued

I don’t know my exact date of entry yet. Once I receive my letter of approval how long do I have before it must be used? Also, once I enter Vietnam, do I have 30 days from the date of entry or 30 days from when the approval letter was issued?

By admin | Date: Feb 10, 2014

Question: Re-entry visa to Vietnam

If I obtain a re-entry visa upon arrival can I use it later at land border crossings?

By admin | Date: Feb 09, 2014

Question: Multiple Entry Vietnam Visa

Do I need a multiple entry visa if I my second entry into Vietnam is less than 24 hours? (Flying to Hanoi 7:30 PM on Jan. 2nd, staying at airport hotel, then flying out at 8:30 AM on Jan 3rd).

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 13, 2013

Question: multiple entry visa for Vietnam

Second time I arrive at Ho Chi Minh airport at Jan.13 and that same day have the flight at 20-50 to Istambul. Do I need a multiple entry visa?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 11, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for arrival by land

Do I need to apply for a Vietnam visa if i am arriving by land from Cambodia and if so, how do I do this?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 11, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa requirements for Australian passport holders

I have an Australian passport, and I will be in Vietnam (with a return flight) for 3 nights. Do I still need to apply for a Vietnam visa?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 08, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for Greece

My question is.inpkan to visit Vietnam for about 2 weeks.when i decide to fill the visa on arrival application i will know the time of my arrival at your country but i will not be sure about my if i will leave later or earlier than the date that will be on my application will cause any trouble.for example ,on the Vietnam visa application i write that i will leave Vietnam at 25 December 2013 but in reality i will leave at 20 December.this will be a problem?of course if i will leave earlier or later my stay in Vietnam will not exceed the 30 days that i will apply for visa. Thanks a lot.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 06, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa timeline

How far in advance do I request a visa for entering Vietnam in March of 2014.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 05, 2013

Question: what Vietnam visa do i need

I am planning to visit Vietnam. I have a french passport and I will be leaving from Cyprus where i am currently living; to Ho Chi min on the 29 November 2013 and coming back from Ho chi Min to Cyprus on the 21 of December 2013/ I am planning maybe to also make a short trip from Vietnam to China/Yunnan during my holidays in Vietnam or I might decide to do a short trip from Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos during this stay/ I don’t know yet if i will cross from Vietnam to China or Cambodia or Laos by land or by airport In each case do i need to apply for a multiple or a single entry visa for Vietnam before i leave from Cyprus? Thanks in advance for your help Best Regards Salima TOUMI

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 25, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for Iranian citizens

What are the Vietnam visa requirements for Iranians living in the United Arab Emirates?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 22, 2013

Question: Do I need a Vietnam Visa to change flights?

I am travelling with Vietnam Airlines from London to Phnom Penh, changing at HCMC on the way out and Hanoi on the way back. I will not be leaving the transit area. Do I need a Vietnamese Visa?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 18, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for a long Stay in Vietnam

Hi Vietnam-Visa, I’m a Malaysian Chinese holding Malaysia Citizenship and Singapore Permanent Resident status. I would like to stay in Vietnam for about 1 to 2 years. What kind of Visa can i apply for? Please advise the cost and the procedures. Thanks!

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 13, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa application from US or Canada?

I am a Canadian living in the US with a permanent resident green card. I will be flying to Vietnam from California. Do I need a visa from Canada or the US?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 10, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa requirements for French passport holder

I have a french passport, do i need to apply for a visa to Vietnam ?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 09, 2013

Question: Where to get a visa to Vietnam for Jordanian passport holder

I hold a Jordanian passport, from where can I get a visa to Vietnam?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 28, 2013

Question: How to take a Vietnam Visa

I’m a Saudi citizen… I will go to Philippines then to Cambodia… From Cambodia i’ll go to Vietnam… How I will take Vietnam visa?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 24, 2013

Question: Application of Visa for Malaysians to stay in Vietnam more than 30 days

would like to find out which is the best option for my son who is a Malaysian studying in Sydney, Australia, to apply for the Vietnam visa for his five-week medical elective training in Hue, Vietnam. Please also advise me on the process time upon submission of his visa application since he will be returning to Kuala Lumpur in mid-November 2013 prior to his travel to Vietnam. Your prompt reply is much appreciated. Thank you. Carina

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 07, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa at Ha Tien border

Hi. I’m a British citizen currently living in Cambodia. I will be traveling to Phu Quoc next weekend for one week and am not sure whether I will need a visa for Vietnam or not. Please could you let me know. Many thanks :)

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 04, 2013

Question: Documents for obtaining a tourist visa to Vietnam from Srilanka?

I want to do a round tour as a tourist in Vietnam.what is the better way to get the Vietnam visa?on line or through Vietnam embassy in Sankara?i need your help.thank you. kaluwa hewa jayalath

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 03, 2013

Question: Length of Vietnam Visa

My wife and I need multiple entry Vietnam visas but our trip will be greater than 90 days. We arrive in Hanoi on 29th November and depart from Hanoi on the 4th March, a stay in excess of 90 days. How can this be achieved?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 30, 2013

Question: How to get Vietnam Visa

How do I get a Vietnam visa and how long does it take the visa to be out.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 28, 2013

Question: How to apply visa to Viet Nam for Nepalese

Dear Sir/Madam, I am from Nepal. I’m living in Switzerland now. I would like to go to Vietnam for my vacation and visit some friends as well. I have asked how to apply Vietnam visa from Vietnam embassy in Switzerland. They said that I need an invitation letter from my friends in Vietnam or my friends who live in Vietnam to apply the permission from Vietnam immigration for me first then they will issue visa for me. It’s quite complicated process to do it. Could you please guide me the easier way to do? Thank you very much.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 28, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa requirements for Layover in Ho Chi Minh

I booked a flight to Japan from Australia via Ho Chi Minh that originally had a layover less than 8 hours but was changed and is now 8 hours and 35 minutes. My local travel agency said that the maximum stay in the airport without a visa is 8 hours. After looking on the internet I cannot find any information that supports this claim. James

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 23, 2013

Question: Do I need to apply for a Transit visa for Vietnam?

Hi, I am an Indian passport holder but a permanent resident of Australia. I have a flight from Melbourne to Paris in Oct via Ho Chi Minh City. The layover is roughly 17 hours. Do I need to apply for a transit visa for Vietnam even though I don’t plan on leaving the airport? If I do need to apply for a visa, which visa should I apply for and how do I go about doing so? I appreciate your help in this matter! Lance Fernandes

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 22, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for Sierra Leonese citizen

I’m Sierra Leonese citizen with diplomatic passport can you make a Vietnam visa for me? thank you best regards

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 06, 2013

Question: Visa for Vietnam for Central African citizen

I’m from the Central African Republic. How can i apply to have visa for Vietnam? Does the online application is possible way i can use to get this visa. There is no Vietnam embassy in my country.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 05, 2013

Question: About Vietnam Visa in Ethiopia

Last time as you now we have process on Vietnam visa and we pay for processing fee on Vietnam By CPO but Vietnam Embassy is not available in Ethiopia. Then how we can process Vietnam Visa?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 30, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa requirements for Chinese national

What are the requirements for Chinese national to get a visitor visa for Vietnam and what are the costs please?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Aug 30, 2013

Question: Application for Vietnam visa

I am a maid here in Singapore and my boss company will send him to Vietnam for few years to work, and he wants me to bring along with them so what should i need to do?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 25, 2013

Question: Do I need a Vietnam visa for my layover in Vietnam?

I have a 3 hour layover in Vietnam... Do I need a Vietnam visa? I'm an American citizen. Thank you!

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 24, 2013

Question: ¿Qué visados necesitamos para entrar por vietnam y salir por camboya?

El viajes, aún por determinar, sería entrar en vuelo internacional por vietnam y salir via vuelo internacional por camboya (a España).¿Con el visado on arrival múltiple sería suficiente?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 24, 2013

Question: How to get a visa to Vietnam in Saudi Arabia?

I could not find Saudi Arabia in your country list.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 20, 2013

Question: The name of country not listed on the drop down menu

I want to apply for on line visa but the name of country not listed on the drop down menu “Bahrain”. Mohamed Lutfalla.

By admin | Date: Apr 02, 2014

Question: Valid ticket out from Vietnam?

Hi, I’m a Finnish citizen and don’t need a visa for less than 15 day visit. However, it says that I need a valid ticket/documentation to show I’m leaving the country. I’m planning to leave by bus to Cambodia and would rather buy the ticket later. I would like to know if I need that ticket to enter the country or is it enough if I show I travel plan? Linda

By admin | Date: Mar 18, 2014

Question: What happens if I change the arrival airport?

I’m not sure about my arrival airport for my travel to Vietnam. If I apply for a visa approval letter now to get a visa upon arrival, and put Noi Bai as my arrival airport, and then after getting the visa approval letter, I decide to enter Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport, is the visa approval letter valid or do I need to apply for a new one. I’m very confused now. If you make it clear for me, I will apply for a visa approval letter right away.

By admin | Date: Mar 12, 2014

Question: Hanoi to have 1,500 trade villages by 2015

Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam has set to increase the number of its trade villages to 1,500 from now to 2015 in an effort to create jobs for at least half of its rural workers.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Feb 10, 2014

Question: Short Visit Vietnam Visa for Business purposes

I am a maritime professional providing consultancy in the field of ship classification . I am required to visit Vietnam in End April/early May 2014 to carry out audits at the offices of Bureau Veritas, ship classification society. It will be required for me to apply for a visa early in March 2014 , as I am expected to travel continuously from 20th March to various countries like Korea/Singapore & Dubai in connection with other similar audits. My question is how many days before the actual date of travel I can apply for the visa at the Consular office in New Delhi.

By admin | Date: Feb 06, 2014

Question: Applying for a Vietnam visa in Thailand with Australian Passport

My son is in Thailand and has booked on a tour through Vietnam . He is 17 years and travels on a childs Australian Passport. How does he do this as the tour starts in Hanoi on the 24th Feb. Thank you

By admin | Date: Feb 05, 2014

Question: How to obtain a Vietnam visa, no embassy in my country

how to obtain visa as very far from other countries that have Vietnam embassy?

By admin | Date: Jan 27, 2014

Question: Single/Multiple entry for visa to Vietnam

I am entering Vietnam on 14 April and leaving on 23 April to Cambodia. I have a connecting flight via Vietnam on 27 April. I am going from Cambodia via Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong. Do I need a single or multiple entry visa?

By admin | Date: Jan 16, 2014

Question: A valid Vietnam visa in an expired passport

I had to apply for a new passport, which I now have. However I have a valid multiple entry visa in my old passport so can I enter Vietnam with a valid passport but my visa in my old passport?

By admin | Date: Jan 11, 2014

Question: How can I get Visa if I am not flying to Vietnam?

I am Croatian and I don’t have Vietnamese embassy in my country! My trip is gonna be: Croatia-Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam! All together is gonna be 45 days or less. I’m wondering how can I apply for Visa online if I’m traveling on a road and crossing the border from Laos, and not flying to one of your airports. Also, is it possible to get a Visa if I don’t have exact date of entering the Vietnam? Thank you in advance! Marinko Vrsic

By admin | Date: Jan 06, 2014

Question: Fast-track service for Vietnam visa at Hanoi airport

Good morning, I am traveling to Hanoi from you offer the fast track service at the Hanoi Airport also.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 20, 2013

Question: Apply a work permit in Vietnam

Dear sir or madam, I’m prepare the documents for apply the working permit in Vietnam, but when I went to the department in Vietnam, they ask me one of my confirmation letter of ex company need the Vietnam embassy in Malaysia check and stamp for me,after that just can apply for it, so can I ask can the embassy do the stamp for me or need other document to apply?? Thanks for help.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 27, 2013

Question: I booked an airport transfer with your company

This is our first time using your airport transfer and our first visit to Ho Chi Min. Where do we go when we clear immigration to find our transportation? Best regards Steven Moore

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 25, 2013

Question: Multiple Entry Visa to Vietnam

Hi there, If I were to apply multiple entry visa for Vietnam, what do I put in for the “Date of Exit”? Can I still put in the date for my first trip? Thank you and best regards! Ying Ying.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 21, 2013

Question: Visa Việt Nam dài hạn

Bạn trai mình là người Mỹ và định chuyển về Việt Nam khoảng 2 năm để có thể tìm hiểu nhau nhiều hơn. Anh ấy đang xin việc ở đây, tuy nhiên chưa xin được việc. Visa ở VN thì tối đa chỉ được 3 tháng, vậy có cách nào anh ấy có thể xin visa dài hạn không khi chưa tìm việc được ở đây? Xin cảm ơn.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 20, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa to expires

I have still a valid visa for Vietnam up to the 29th of September. It was multiple entry valid 90 day visa. I am planning to stay more on that day perhaps until the 15th of October. Can i just ask a new Vietnam visa on-line or do i have to get out of the country and come back with another new visa to be applied to you before i leave Vietnam?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 18, 2013

Question: Need visa to visit Vietnam twice in a week

I'm from Kazakhstan. How to be if I already made out the visa to Vietnam? I stayed in Vietnam two days and I went to Cambodia for three days. Then decided to return to Vietnam. Whether it is necessary to do again the invitation and to pay for the Vietnam visa?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 10, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa application with exact date of entry not known

I will be arriving in Vietnam by train from China. I am unsure of arrival date, between the 1st and 5th of December 2013. How do l get a Vietnam visa? I fly out from Ho Chi Minh City on the 3rd of January, 2014.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 04, 2013

Question: Visa fuer Vietnam

benoetige ich ein Visa fuer Vietnam, bin Schweizer

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 30, 2013

Question: Entry & Exit form

Where can I get an entry & exit form for Option 2 (Vietnam visa on Arrival)?
Thank you.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 29, 2013

Question: Can I extend a 3 month multiple entry business visa Vietnam?

Hi, I have a 3 month multiple entry business visa Vietnam. I got this through Is it possible to extend this visa for another 3 months (multiple entry) while I am in Vietnam? If possible could you tell me some details and I will plan for this.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 25, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa 5 years

How to apply for Vietnam visa 5 years?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 20, 2013

Question: Visa extension in Vietnam

I have a 3 month multi entry visa for Vietnam how can I get it extended another 3 months?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 16, 2013

Question: Vietnam Visa on Arrival - Passport Requirements

I am going on a trip to Vietnam Oct 18, 2013. My passport expires March 2014. Therefore, my passport has 5 months left not 6 months when I go on my trip. Will that be sufficient to apply for Visa on Arrival?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 15, 2013

Question: Change of Vietnam visa date

I have made a date change to my Vietnam trip.I was arriving in Ho Chi Minh City on the 23 August but now I am arriving on the 19th August. My Vietnam visa has been stamped in my passport for the 23rd,can I change it on arrival at Ho Chi Minh Airport please?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 15, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa documents

I have received and downloaded the visa approval letter. however it mentions an exit and entry form. Where do I get them?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 15, 2013

Question: Name order in Vietnam visa application form

I noted that the name in the Vietnam visa application says 'exactly as in Passport, First name/Last Name'. In my Passport it is written as Last name/First Names. I am unsure how to complete application form?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 12, 2013

Question: Presenting Vietnam visa when I exit Vietnam

So today when I went to check in at Tan Son Nhat INT Airport, the lady asked me for my Vietnam visa. I told her from my understanding that the visa was just to enter Vietnam and if I am leaving to US I don’t need it anymore. She told me that I need the visa to exit Vietnam. I told her that my final stop was US and that I have a US Passport so why do I need the visa? I think she was just trying to give me a hard time for money. Can someone tell me if I need a visa to leave Vietnam to go to US.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Aug 10, 2013

Question: Get Visa to Vietnam for Yemen citizen

I’m from Yemen I want to go to Vietnam for journey for 10 days Please advise.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Aug 09, 2013

Question: Visa-Entering Vietnam by land

Hello, we are traveling to Vietnam from Cambodia by bus. How can we obtain a Visa for entering Vietnam (we are from Croatia and we do not have an Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in our country)? We can not obtain the approval letter on line and then receive the Vietnam visa stamped on the border upon our arrival?
Thank you so much, Nada

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 26, 2013