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Question: Vietnam Visa on arrival for Tunisian citizen

How can I apply for a Vietnam visa for Tunisian citizen? i cannot find my country name in the list

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 09, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for Greece

My question is.inpkan to visit Vietnam for about 2 weeks.when i decide to fill the visa on arrival application i will know the time of my arrival at your country but i will not be sure about my if i will leave later or earlier than the date that will be on my application will cause any trouble.for example ,on the Vietnam visa application i write that i will leave Vietnam at 25 December 2013 but in reality i will leave at 20 December.this will be a problem?of course if i will leave earlier or later my stay in Vietnam will not exceed the 30 days that i will apply for visa. Thanks a lot.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 06, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa timeline

How far in advance do I request a visa for entering Vietnam in March of 2014.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Dec 05, 2013

Question: Change of travel dates to Vietnam

What if I change my travel dates after the Vietnam visa approval Letter is issued? Do I have to re-apply and pay a new fee? or Do I just inform you and get a new Approval letter with no charges?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 13, 2013

Question: What do I show as the Arrival Airport

We arrive in Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City airport and then catch and internal flight to Da Nang. Do I put Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang as the arrival airport on our application for a visa on arrival?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 11, 2013

Question: Waiting time to get Vietnam visa stamped at the airport

I will join a tour in Hong Kong to Vietnam , but i live in Canada now , if i apply a e-visa Vietnam and get stamped in the airport, when i arrive, does it takes longer time than the group tour to pass the custom? they may need to wait for me?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 08, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for 4 months stay

What should I do with Vietnam visa if the duration of my stay is 4 months ? Will they let me in with a 3 months visa knowing I’m leaving in 4 months if I tell them I’ll get an extension by then? Or do I have to state that I’ll leave within 3 months THEN get an extension ?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Nov 08, 2013

Question: Indian nationals apply for Vietnam Visa online

I am an Indian national currently staying in Dubai with Resident Visa. Dubai doesn’t have Vietnam embassy and Abu dhabi is far from my location. You website says we can apply online for Vietnam visa but your site is not allowing to do so. I am not able to go past the second step 2 (Application details) since i am an Indian national. Please advise. Regards, Avinash Tiwari

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 05, 2013

Question: Vietnam Visa Application

I am applying for a visa to Vietnam and I am a little confused. Do I send you my passport or do I just submit the Vietnam visa form and pay online and you send me the visa?? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I couldn’t find this information written anywhere.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 05, 2013

Question: Khach nuoc ngoai vao Vietnam khong co visa hoac visa da het han?

Tôi có người bạn nước ngoài, đã có visa multiple, dự định vào việt Nam tháng 10, nhưng vì bận việc đột xuất nên không đi được trong tháng 10, và dời sang đầu tháng 11. Nhưng Visa sẽ hết hạn vào cuối tháng 10. Và khách sẽ nhập cảnh VN không có visa. Xin hỏi Phí arrival visa la bao nhieu khi khách nhập cảnh vào VN? Trân trọng cảm ơn. Và mong trả lời sớm!
Tứ Trâm

By Hanh Pham | Date: Oct 04, 2013

Question: Length of Vietnam Visa

My wife and I need multiple entry Vietnam visas but our trip will be greater than 90 days. We arrive in Hanoi on 29th November and depart from Hanoi on the 4th March, a stay in excess of 90 days. How can this be achieved?

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 30, 2013

Question: How to get Vietnam Visa

How do I get a Vietnam visa and how long does it take the visa to be out.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 28, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa on arrival while in transit at ho chi minh airport?

I am flying into Ho Chi Minh airport ,with an onward connection to Siem Reap 3 hours after.I need to get a visa on arrival,as I will be entering Vietnam by boat downstream a week later.i would like to get my v.o.a at Saigon airport,but will I still be able to go through transit to my onward flight? Or will I have to clear immigration and re enter the airport? I won’t have to go to luggage claim as my luggage with be checked in until Siem reap (both flights are with Vietnam airlines). J. Jervis

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 26, 2013

Question: I got a passport number wrong

I’m sorry just applied for entry visa to Vietnam and got a digit wrong on one of the passport numbers, how can i amend it? My name is Trudie.

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 25, 2013

Question: Multiple entry visa for Vietnam

Hi I am flying to Ho Chi Minh from UK, traveling to Cambodia then re-entering Vietnam 3 weeks later. If I apply for a multiple entry visa on arrival for Vietnam can you confirm that my re-entry to Vietnam can be over the border, and I do not have to re-enter by air. Thanks

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 25, 2013

Question: I’m a Turkish need visa for Vietnam

Hello, I'm a turkey citizen. Do I need to pay extra for Vietnam visa ? Or short cut how much is the cost for visa for visit one time? Regards. Adnan

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 20, 2013

Question: Tramite visa Vietnam

Hola: vivo a 980 km de la embajada de Vietnam, quiero tramitar la visa de vietnam, pero puedo hacerlo al llegar a Hanói? Para evitar el gasto de viaje hasta Buenos Aires.

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 08, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa for Sierra Leonese citizen

I’m Sierra Leonese citizen with diplomatic passport can you make a Vietnam visa for me? thank you best regards

By Hanh Pham | Date: Sep 06, 2013

Question: Vietnam business visa or tourist one

I applied for a 3 month multiple entry tourist visa for Vietnam through your website, due to enter Vietnam this Saturday and have just noticed I have been granted a visa for business. Will this matter? Because I don’t intended to conduct any business. Also I have heard that multiple 3 month entry visas are no longer valid. Is this true?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Sep 05, 2013

Question: Change city in Vietnam visa application form

I have applied Vietnam visa for city Hanoi and also already paid but need to change for Ho Chi Minh city. What should I have to do to change?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 25, 2013

Question: Visa for Vietnam question

I live in Cyprus. hear i married with one Vietnamese girl also we have one daughter of two and half years old. we married in mosque so we have only the mosque paper of married. Also we have our baby birth certificate.
My question is when i will come to Bangladesh after i want to go to Vietnam, what kinds of paper i have to submit to get Vietnam visa? So i can arrange that. Please kindly inform me.


By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 22, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa to visit my fiance?

What documents needed for 3 month visa multiple entry, and what percentage of Filipinos are being approved now, and what cash to carry? Do they need bank statements?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 19, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa online details

Hello, if i apply for a Vietnam visa online and i arrive to Vietnam by air, then do i need to leave Vietnam by air or not? Because I'm planning a trip and i would like to arrive by air but after leaving by land border to Cambodia. Is this possible with the online visa to Vietnam? Thank you

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 15, 2013

Question: I don’t know what is more convenient for obtaining a Vietnam visa?

My fiance is working in Vietnam, and I'm planning to be with him and were planning for doing business by exporting, and that we won't be married in time to get a spouse visa, so what is the best thing to do for Vietnam visas....get a business recommendation letter from a company, or what, or what about if you have enough cash, can you come in with the cash under a business visa (Flip flops, sandals, and beach items)

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 15, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa on arrival and Place of Arrival

I am flying in to Ho Chi Minh City and have 2 hour airport wait until travel to Hanoi, which is where we enter Vietnam. Is my entry for my Vietnam Visa Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City?

By Phuong Nguyen | Date: Aug 12, 2013

Question: Validity of passport

What is the minimum validity of passport to go to Vietnam?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Aug 12, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa on arrival without having departing tickets from Vietnam

Hi. I’m coming to Vietnam in September by plane, and I’m planning to stay there for one-two weeks, before I travel to Laos by bus. I’ve read that I need valid plane tickets out of Vietnam to get the visa-on-arrival, so my question is: what do I need to do to get the Vietnam visa on arrival, when I don’t have any departing tickets?
Greetings Elin Stranden

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Aug 12, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa cost

How many fees for 7 Applicants as a One month single entry visa for Vietnam.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Aug 08, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa type

I will be attending The Asian Pig Veterinary Congress in Sept as a visitor as this is only for short visit, will a tourist visa for Vietnam be okay. I will not be working or conducting any business.
Regards - Desmond Walsh.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 30, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa on arrival for British in Australia

My granddaughter and her partner are visiting Australia later in the year, they wish to visit Vietnam on their return journey to England. Can they apply for a Vietnam visa while here in Australia.
Many thanks - Adrienne Berryman

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 29, 2013