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Question: Vietnam visa type

I will be attending The Asian Pig Veterinary Congress in Sept as a visitor as this is only for short visit, will a tourist visa for Vietnam be okay. I will not be working or conducting any business.
Regards - Desmond Walsh.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 30, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa on arrival for British in Australia

My granddaughter and her partner are visiting Australia later in the year, they wish to visit Vietnam on their return journey to England. Can they apply for a Vietnam visa while here in Australia.
Many thanks - Adrienne Berryman

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 29, 2013

Question: Working Visa Vietnam

I hold a passport and it is going to expire on 16 Feb 2014 and it has 3 pages left not contigious. Can I get working Vietnam visa as a teacher in Vietnam. Company which offered me job asked me to renew the passport at your home country. Unfortunately this is taking long time in India nowadays. Please help.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 25, 2013

Question: I am not able to apply for Vietnam Visa

I am trying to apply for Vietnam visa online, I am an Indian, from Dubai I have to travel on 5th Aug, kindly advise me how I will get visa, we want to travel for holiday for 4 days family trip.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 25, 2013

Question: When best to begin Vietnam visa application process?

My wife and I have booked a Mekong river cruise with Uniworld beginning on Jan. 14/2014 from Ho Chi Minh and leaving from Hanoi on Jan. 29. When would be the best time to begin the Vietnam Visa application process. We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We also have our flights booked with Cathay Pacific.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 24, 2013

Question: Security - Vietnam visa on arrival

I’ve read that a few people complained that personal details are displayed on the approval letter with the names of several other people. Is it not possible to send approval letter per family with only our names on it?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 24, 2013

Question: Invitation Letter - Vietnam visa on arrival

I have a letter of invitation from the Consul of the Netherlands in Ha Noi as I will be staying at a diplomatic residence. No where on your online application for Vietnam visa did you ask for this. Please advise.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 22, 2013

Question: Vietnam Visa Requirement if stopovers in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

My partner and i already have our flights booked from Australia to the UK and return. we have 2 stop overs both ways, one in Hanoi for 10hr and then hcmc for 7hrs and similar times on return. Do we require a visa for Vietnam? I have been told so many different thing like we do need one because we are there for more then 8 hours, could you please clarify and advise which Vietnam visa we should get if we require them. our trip is for 3 and a half weeks if that makes a difference with having to apply twice? HELP!

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 22, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa - fechas

He solicitado la Vietnam visa de entrada multiple para el dia 27 de julio, cuando realmente el vuelo llega a Hanoi el dia 28 de julio. Puede haber algun problema?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 22, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa expiration

Does the Vietnam visa start when I enter Vietnam or does it start from when I apply?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 20, 2013

Question: Do I need to have a return flight to apply for Vietnam visa

I have a one way ticket purchased for the 6th of September 2013, London-Hanoi, and I am now trying to apply for the online Vietnam visa, however, I am unsure about what to put for the date of exit as I do not have a flight booked from Vietnam to another country?

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 18, 2013

Question: How to get 3 month longer visa to Vietnam for Training Purpose

We 3 person selected to take training from Vietnam one of Industry for 3 month to get knowledge. So where we should apply Vietnam Visa & whats documents are required.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 18, 2013

Question: My Vietnam Visa Approval Letter contains names of unknown people

My Vietnam visa approval letter has been sent to me however, there a four different names displayed instead of my name and the name of the other person i am traveling with. Can you please send me another email as soon as possible displaying my name and the other girl’s name that I wrote on the visa application as soon as possible.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 16, 2013

Question: Leave date - Vietnam visa on arrival

Will I need to provide documentation of my leave date out of Vietnam on arrival if using this Vietnam visa on arrival service.

By Hoa Nguyen | Date: Jul 16, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa on Arrival

I’ve order the VOA letter from your good self this morning, opting for “normal” service. My intended arrival date is the 15th July. Will the Visa be with me before this date? Thanks for your time and help..

By admin | Date: Jul 12, 2013

Question: Where to get Vietnam visa stamped when using Vietnam visa on arrival?

I’m flying to Da Nang through HCMC. Is the second flight domestic? If so does it matter which airport I use for Vietnam visa application? Also who will wait for me if I use the express service for visa stamping?

By admin | Date: Jul 12, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa of multiple entry

Can I to go out in bus to Cambodia i to return to enter in Vietnam with this multiple entry visa for Vietnam?

By admin | Date: Jul 10, 2013

Question: Change of arrival date to a later date

I would like to arrange Vietnam visa for the 2nd July however due to business plans I may have to change my arrival date to a later date, can this be done how long would it take and what is the additional cost Thank you James

By admin | Date: Jul 09, 2013

Question: Approval letter for Vietnam visa

Hello, I recently applied for a Vietnam visa and received it according to this site. However, I am very concerned that two other random names have been added to my visa letter. I only asked for a visa for myself and my husband. Please let me know why this is so. Kind regards Dilini

By admin | Date: Jul 09, 2013

Question: 1 month visa for Vietnam

According to your information about tourist Vietnam visa single entry 1 month; how long is 1 month, 28 days or 30 days?

By admin | Date: Jul 01, 2013

Question: Vietnam visa Validity?

After applying online and receiving an approval letter for a 1 month single entry visa, how long is that letter valid for? Do I have to enter Vietnam within a certain amount of time e.g. 3 months? I’m planning to enter Vietnam on the 27th December. Many thanks

By admin | Date: Jun 28, 2013

Question: Vietnam multiple entry visa is for how many entries into Vietnam?

If I take 3 months multiple entry visa for Vietnam, how many times i can travel in between that tenure?

By admin | Date: Jun 20, 2013

Question: Arrival after indicated date in the Vietnam visa application

I have indicated a date of 21 June 2013 for my arrival. Is this a problem if I arrive after 21 June 2013. More precisely, I am most likely to reach Saigon on 24 June. I indicated 21 June because that is the earliest I plan to arrive.

By admin | Date: Jun 20, 2013

Question: Multiple Entry or Single Entry visa for Vietnam

Dear Sir, I am going to be traveling via Vietnam Airlines with the following itinerary – Sydney to Hanoi (Change at SGN) 21st Nov Hanoi to Tokyo 25th November Tokyo to Sydney (Change at SGN) 6th December Will I require a single or multiple entry visa? On the return Journey from Tokyo – I do not plan to leave the airport. If I changed my mind and wanted to leave the airport – is there a way to change a single entry into a multiple entry visa for Vietnam?

By admin | Date: Jun 20, 2013

Question: How many days does the 3 month multi entry visa for Vietnam cover

My flight is from Melb(Aus) to SGN to HAN to Paris, being in Vietnam on the 3rd of July. My return flight is from Paris to HAN to SGN to Melb, being in Vietnam on the 3rd of Oct. Since Oct 3rd is 92 days from July 3rd, I’m wondering if the 3 month multi entry visa to Vietnam will cover my travel days, or does 92 days just fall out from the ’3 month period’?

By admin | Date: Jun 13, 2013