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Is there Vietnam consulate in Bangkok, Thailand?

Hi there, I’m Canadian currently in Bangkok, planning to travel Ho Chi Minh in upcoming days. I heard that I need to get a Vietnam Visa in Vietnam Consulate in Bangkok but I can’t find its address and contact. Can you show me?


Dear Laura, 

Currently there is no Vietnam Consulate in Bangkok, Thailand. But Thailand has Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok and Vietnam Consulate in Khonkhaen. Their contact details are written below:

Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok

  • 83/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
  • (662) 267 9602
  • (662) 254 4630
Consulate General of Vietnam in Khonkhaen, Thailand
  • 65/6 Chatapadung, Khonkaen 40000, Thailand
  • (66) 4324 2190
  • (66) 4324 1154

The Embassy representing a government in a foreign country is permanent diplomatic missions generally located in a country’s capital. A Consulate is a smaller version of the Embassy. It is directed by the Embassy. Consulate in a sense can be called the junior embassy and locates only in big cities and not in the capital city.

The Embassy is the diplomatic representation of a government in another nation dealing with major diplomatic tasks. Consulate is the representation of public administration dealing with minor diplomatic tasks. The number of Consulates depends on the requirement.

The main role of the Embassy is exchanging messages between its government and the host government. The Embassy announces all important social, political, military, economic and other events happening in the host nation to its government. In addition, it prepares treaties between the two nations and also in arranging official visits. 

The major task of Consulates is promoting trade like helping companies in the host nation to invest in its country and vice versa. It also facilitates import and export between the two countries and maintains commercial links between the two nations. Besides, the Consulate handles issues relating to visas, passports and also handles tourists and expatriates. The consulate is also responsible for informing its residents about all security issues and looking after its citizens in case of detention or arrest.

Hope these informations can be useful for you. If you re locating extremely far from both Vietnam Embassy and Vietnam Consulate in Bangkok and in need for a Vietnam Visa, the most convenient & time-saving option for you is to apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival at:


Kind Regards, 

Vietnam-visa team

September 26, 2017 | Categories: OTHERS

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