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Vietnam visa cost

Is it cheaper to get a Vietnam visa from the Vietnam embassy in the UK or apply through an agent for Vietnam visa on arrival


Dear Shahadot Hossain Bhuiyan,

There are two kinds of fee you have to pay when using Vietnam visa on arrival.

The first fee is Service fee which you directly pay to us for processing your Vietnam visa application. This fee will be 106.75 USD for 7 applicants of 1-month single entry visa if you use normal service or 176.75 USD if you use urgent service. But remember, these 7 applicants must be included in the same Vietnam visa application form.

The second fee is Stamping fee which you pay in cash to the Immigration Officer at the arrival airport to get visa stamped at the airport. This fee is 45 USD per each 1-month single entry visa.

For more details, please see our Vietnam visa on arrival cost.

Wish you all good things,

August 9, 2017 | Categories: VISA COST

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