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Vietnam visa for New Zealander

Please help, I want to get the 90 day visa for Vietnam. I am a NZ citizen with NZ passport. If I am already in Thailand, will I be able to get this visa? Do I need to be in NZ now to get the visa?

Thank you.



Dear Lauren

Please be informed that you can apply for a 3-month Vietnam visa to stay in Vietnam for about 90 days. And you don’t need to be in New Zealand to apply for a visa to Vietnam, you can apply in Thailand.

As an New Zealand passport holder, you may have two options to obtain a visa to Vietnam:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival if you travel to Vietnam by air. With this option, you only need to apply for a visa approval letter by clicking on the link:, get the letter via email after 2 working days and get visa stamped upon your arrival at Vietnam airport.
  2. Apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy in Thailand. In this case you need to contact the embassy in Thailand for more information about the required documents as well as procedure since it varies from embassy to embassy.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Kind regards,

Feb 28, 2015 | Categories: VISA ON ARRIVAL

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