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Vietnam visa requirement for Belgian in Singapore

Hey! I am a Belgian citizen currently studying in Singapore. I am planning to visit northern Vietnam in 2 weeks from now. Do I need a visa for Vietnam?


Yes, you do.

Please be kindly informed that as a Belgian citizen, you are required to get visa for your every trip to Vietnam, regardless of where you are, how long you are staying in the country and purpose of your visit.

In case you are traveling to Vietnam by air, you can apply for a visa on arrival, which is considered the most simple way to get a visa for Vietnam. See why it is considered simple here: Vietnam visa on arrival.

Here is the link to apply:

Hopefully this information answers your question well.

Should you need any further information about Vietnam visa or travel, please feel free to let us know.

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September 18, 2018 | Categories: VISA REQUIREMENTS

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