The validity of Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

Hanh Pham Last update: Aug 05, 2019

Unlike visa on arrival to several countries around the world which does not require travelers to do anything before departure, just get it issued upon arrival in the first step into the country border gate. To get a visa on arrival for Vietnam, travelers are required to get a letter called Visa approval letter beforehand. This letter is for sure the most important item to get visa on arrival for Vietnam.

So, in this post, we will learn in details about this important kind of letter.

What is Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?

First of all, it must be confirmed that the Vietnam Visa Approval letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration. It is an official permission granted by an immigration authority of Vietnam, allowing its bearers to enter Vietnam, get the Vietnam visa stamped onto passport, and stay in Vietnam within the time cited on it.

Despite the fact that you may have heard some foreigners complain about several nations’ visa approval letter, Vietnam’s is completely reliable. Since Vietnam is now open and welcome almost all international visitors, those who enter Vietnam with Visa Approval Letter can totally trust in its validity. Whenever you go, once you show your:
– Visa Approval Letter
– Passport
– 2 photos (2x2in)

to firstly: your airlines, and secondly: the Vietnam Immigration Check-in, you will right away get your visa stamped onto your passport.

Yet, please remember: the prerequisite for the permission to check in is that all the information sited in the approval letter MUST be exactly the same as in your passport, the passport itself must be valid for 6 months, and the photos accompanied must be valid within six months and look mostly like you.

How to get Vietnam visa approval letter?

It is very simple to get this letter, as follows:

  1. Access to website of a Vietnam visa center online to submit your Vietnam visa form;
  2. Make payment of service fee;
  3. Receive Vietnam visa approval letter via email;

Here is a typical link to request it:

What to do after getting your Vietnam visa approval letter?

After getting the visa approval letter, you have nothing to do with Vietnam embassy.

Just take the letter with you to your departure airport to complete the boarding procedure and then show it together with your original passport, entry and exit form and also photo to the Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport and pay stamping fee to get visa stamped onto your passport.

You can also see processing of getting visa approval letter and visa upon arrival here:

What is validity of Vietnam visa approval letter?

This letter take valid from the granted arrival date, not from the date you apply for it or the date it is issued. So, you can apply for it at any time as you wish that is convenient for you.

When applying for the visa approval letter, you are not required to provide exact travel dates, planned ones are accepted. However, you should be noted that you can arrive later than such planned arrival date, but no early arrival is allowed.

Here come typical information about Vietnam visa approval letter that is used to get visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport. Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

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