Top destinations for Canadians to visit

As for anyone looking to journey outside of Canada, here are the top 4 trending international destinations of 2017 that you may want to add to your bucket list.

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Prominent in the middle of the tourist route, the ancient town of Hoi An is a rustic picture, simple and poetic. Whether it’s a day or a night, Hoi An tourism still has its own charms.

In addition to the cultural values through diverse architecture, Hoi An still preserves a rather large foundation of cultural intangible. The daily life of residents with customary practices, belief activities, folk arts, cultural festivals with poetic natural scenery, special dishes, etc. make Hoi An increasingly attractive  lead visitors cross.


Hoi An’s sparkling beauty feature


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  1. Havana, Cuba

The writer Ernest Hemingway praised Cuba: “People want to live on this island for the feeling of the morning so you can work better and feel better than anywhere else in the world.”


Lovely Cuba


And so there is no reason why you can refuse Havana – the city of these pillars. The writer spent seven years in the city of Havana and the Ambos Mundos Hotel, where he wrote his famous work, Bells of the Soul.

The house Hemingway lived in the Ambos Mundos Hotel has become a museum for visitors. Later, he moved to a farm near Lahabana, which also turned into a museum.

The writer also enjoys a walk in Cojimar, a coastal city in western Lahabana, where Hemingway meets a man who has inspired the writer to create the protagonist of novel “The Old Man and The Sea”.


 [ELLE Magazine – 8/2016] Rio de Janeiro is very beautiful and romantic. And for those who have traveled all over the world and have lived through the years, it is an indispensable place.


Beautiful Rio


The most famous city of Brazil is the sum of many contrasts that make it unique: the longest and most beautiful beaches in the world overlooking Guanabara Bay are surrounded by thousands of hotels, discos and a luxury resort that is just meters from the “favelas”, where millions of poor people live in darkness and near crime in the footsteps; the old, small and ancient streets of the ancient center are located right next to the popular neighborhoods; the churches are beautiful and each bell tower can tell a story of history near the slick market. But above all, Rio de Janeiro is beautiful and romantic. And for those who have traveled all over the world and have lived throughout the world, it is an inescapable place, both for its marvelous beauty which God and nature have bestowed, of the lives of millions of people, if you have the opportunity to travel to Brazil.

  1. Greece

Known for its ancient ruins, gorgeous villages, sunny beaches, gourmet cuisine and friendly atmosphere, Greece has long been on the list of Europe’s top tourist destinations. Greece is made up of a mountain continent and hundreds of islands, each of which has its own beauty, beautiful landscapes, unique historical sites, rugged nightlife and interesting festivals.


Fantastic Greece


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