As a holder of Cape Verde passport, you are required to have a Vietnam visa to visit this country. Good news is that at the moment, there are two available ways to get a Vietnam visa for Cape Verde citizens as follows:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with; OR
  2. Apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy

1. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with

You simply send us passport copy and proposed arrival date to Vietnam to our email: Afterward, our visa consultant will be glad to assist you in getting Vietnam visa approval letter online. You will fly into Vietnam with this document and receive stamped visa at Vietnam Airport once you arrive. Processing time for visa approval letter is 7 working days.

It is most recommended for Cape Verde passport holders who travel by air to Vietnam to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Why Vietnam Visa on Arrival

2. Apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy

This way is recommended if you wish to obtain a full Vietnam visa beforehand or if you do not travel to Vietnam by air.

To apply for this kind of visa, you should contact the embassy in advance for exact information about required documents and visa procedure as it may vary from embassy to embassy.

Unfortunately, there is no office of Vietnam Embassy in Cape Verde. If you want to use this option, you must contact the embassy in another country which you find convenient for you. Here is directory of embassies of Vietnam around the world:

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Vietnam Visa Team
Hotline: +84.946.583.583 (24/7)