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Last update: May 07, 2024

Vous êtes entre de bonnes mains

Depuis 2007, nous avons déjà assisté plus de 300 000 groupes de voyageurs dans l’obtention de leur visa pour le Vietnam.

Grâce à notre accompagnement personnalisé de chaque dossier, chaque client et nos contacts réguliers, nous sommes en mesure de garantir le déroulement le plus fluide possible du processus de visa. C’est pourquoi nous avons non seulement tissé de solides relations avec d’excellents partenaires dans le monde entier, mais aussi obtenu les meilleures recommandations de la part de nos clients, sur leurs blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, et par email/chat en direct.

Les Partenaires Typiques de Vietnam-visa

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Ce que disent nos clients

andy guymer
andy guymer
09:00 04 Jun 24
Thank you to Katie N and the team at Vn Visa Services. I've used their services 3 times and I cannot recommend them high enough. to have a service that allow you to clear immigration while two hundred + people are lined up to be processed is a god send . I will use their services every time I visit Vietnam
Muna Katwal
Muna Katwal
03:09 31 May 24
Thank you for your excellent service. Thank you to Ms. Iris and her team who are so helpful and loyal about their service. They always answered all our questions and concern at all hours without getting annoyed . They explained well the whole process . They are really a blessing to us, that’s why I highly recommend Vietnam Discovery Travel to my friends and family who is looking for a great visa consultant. Keep up the good work!!
Myfanwy Hughes
Myfanwy Hughes
12:18 23 May 24
As pricey as it was - compared to applying as an individual on the Vietnamese government website - it was definitely worth it in my particular case. Having been born in HK when it was still a British colony, I have an obscure nationality that is not widely recognised. There was no clear way to obtain a tourist visa without help.Iris was very responsive and helpful with all queries I directed to her. My visa approval letter was sorted within a day of applying. When I arrived at HCMC, the visa rep was waiting for me and sorted my visa within 20 minutes.
kristina anderson
kristina anderson
16:02 20 May 24
My partner and I were facing the expiration of our visas and the need for an extension, as our flight out of Vietnam was scheduled after the expiry date. However, as you may have discovered, extending visas in Vietnam is nearly impossible. Thus, our only viable option was a visa run. With our time in Vietnam limited, we sought a swift solution. Fortunately, Lisa stepped in with remarkable communication and professionalism, facilitating a smooth visa process by securing a letter of approval within a day. She accommodated our flight schedule and maintained constant communication throughout. Despite the costly mistake on our part, we are immensely grateful for Lisa's support during this stressful time. We couldn't have asked for a better advocate. Thank you, Lisa!
Taco Lohrmann
Taco Lohrmann
07:56 19 Apr 24
I used Vietnam Visa to get a new 3 month e-visa at the border of Cambodia and the service was excellent. I had some questions about the procedure and Ms Phuong Linh Nguyen (Iris) was very helpful, quick to respond, and friendly. Thank you very much and I will definitely use this service again in the future if I need it!
jmd gt3
jmd gt3
11:12 09 Apr 24
I contacted Iris via WhatsApp in order to navigate the red tape. Her professionalism is top class as well as her service. She was also very honest in recognizing that 1 of us did not need a visa. Throughout the process she was never more than a WA message away. I would make use of her services again and thoroughly recommend her

Our service reviews on travelers’ blogs

Vous trouverez ici une sélection de témoignages de nos clients.

C’était une coïncidence qu’à ce moment-là, nous avons été approchés par Vietnam-Visa.com, qui avaient entendu parler de nos plans de visiter le Vietnam pendant quelques mois. Ils ont eu la gentillesse de répondre à toutes nos questions et ont rendu notre expérience de visa très facile.

Par: Joanna from Theblondtravels

Au cours des 7 dernières années, AVSE-TESOL à Ho Chi Minh-Ville et à Hanoï littéralement recommandé des centaines de stagiaires TESOL/TEFL à vietnam-visa.com for help with organizing a Vietnam Visa on Arrival. The service provided by ‘vietnam-visa.com’ is fast, reliable and affordable. The whole process can be completed from the comfort of your own living room. Would I recommend ‘vietnam-visa.com’? Absolutely!

Par: Peter Goudge at AVSE – TESOL

Obtenez votre lettre de visa ici

Vous utilisez une société d’approbation de lettre pour en faire la demande. J’ai utilisé cette société et recommandé des centaines de nos enseignants et jusqu’à présent, je n’ai eu aucun problème.

Par: Alex Stevenson on Ninjateacher

Pour demander le visa Vietnam en ligne, vous devez trouver une société en ligne digne de confiance qui s’occupera des documents administratifs et vous fournira toutes les informations et formulaires nécessaires au processus. Nous avons choisi Vietnam-visa.com et le processus a été vraiment facile et sans problème.

Par: Natalie Deduck & Robson Cadore on Loveandroad

Comment choisir une agence de visa Vietnam en ligne
Franchement, il est difficile de faire la différence entre les entreprises réelles et les fausses. C’est pourquoi nous avons créé ce billet et voulons partager un site que nous faisons confiance et recommandons: Vietnam-visa.com.

Par: Katie & Ben on Twowanderingsoles

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