Tại sao chọn Vietnam-visa?

Vietnam-visa.com được thành lập để hỗ trợ người nước ngoài dễ dàng xin được tấm visa nhập cảnh Việt Nam cũng như gia hạn visa, và xin các loại giấy tờ khác để có thể lưu trú và làm việc hợp pháp tại Việt Nam.

Kể từ khi thành lập vào năm 2007, chúng tôi luôn mang tới khách hàng:

  • Quy trình đơn giản
  • Hỗ trợ 24/7
  • Bảo mật tối đa
  • Trả kết quả đúng hạn
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Dịch vụ Nhập cảnh Việt Nam trọn gói
cho Người nước ngoài mùa COVID

Nhằm hỗ trợ doanh nghiệp sử dụng lao động nước ngoài và chuyên gia, lao động kỹ thuật nước ngoài nhập cảnh Việt Nam an toàn và nhanh chóng, Vietnam-visa.com cung cáp dịch vụ trọn gói nhập cảnh cho người Việt Nam, bao gồm công văn nhập cảnh, vé máy bay, khách sạn cách ly và di chuyển đến nơi cách ly.

Vé máy bay về Việt Nam

Bạn có biết các hãng hàng không nào đang mở bạn vé máy bay quốc tế về Việt Nam không? Lịch các chuyến bay này ra sao? Đối tượng nào có thể đặt vé máy bay tại thời điểm này?, và Việt Nam hiện đang áp dụng các quy định yêu cầu và thủ tục nhập cảnh nào? Cùng Vietnam-visa tìm hiểu ngay tại đây.

Dịch Vụ Khác

Bên cạnh dịch vụ hỗ trợ xin visa Việt Nam, Vietnam-visa.com còn hỗ trợ quý khách hàng gia hạn visa Việt Nam, đón tiễn sân bay, xin giấy phép lao động, thẻ tạm trú, lý lịch tư pháp cũng như hợp pháp hóa lãnh sự.

Đối tác tiêu biểu của Vietnam-visa.com

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Khách hàng nói gì về chúng tôi

Hơn 10+ năm qua, Vietnam-visa đã hỗ trợ 300.000+ khách hàng xin visa nhập cảnh Việt Nam, gia hạn visa, xin giấy phép lao động và thẻ tạm trú cũng như lý lịch tư pháp Việt Nam. Hãy cùng xem khách hàng đánh giá dịch vụ của Vietnam-visa như thế nào.

Based on 55 reviews
Based on 108 reviews
Pratibha K
Pratibha K
10:54 09 Aug 22
Excellent services for Vietnam urgent visa - the evisa site wasn't working and Vietnam visa services managed to get it all done in 4 hrs. Plus they helped us get a great halong bay cruise with seamless transport...luxurious cruise and transport experience through and through! And as vegetarians made sure the cruise had a great vegetarian platter for us. Very prompt, responsive. Highly recommend.
Thijs Groenen
Thijs Groenen
16:21 04 Aug 22
Thanks to this company we last minute saved our trip. I highly recommend this company as it is not a scam. Thanks for the team as we are enjoying wonderful Vietnam atm!
Just Edu (Edu)
Just Edu (Edu)
09:36 03 Aug 22
As I have left Vietnam 2 years ago, recently I was asked to provide a criminal record for a visa application.With the help from Iris, I managed to complete the full process for less than 10 days. You just have to fill in a simple form and submit your passport scan. I did pay 149$ for the document (that came in two copies) and 5$ extra for the english translation of the document. I chose the 3 day processing time, therefore the price. (their cheapest service is 113$ for 7 days of process). Moreover, I was notified that my document was sent and expected to arrive for 10 more days at max in Europe. The document arrived for 6 days via DHL and I paid 100$ for that service. So in total, I paid around 250$ for everything, and it took around 9 days for the whole process to be done (sooner than expected/informed). Everything was paid in advance by card, in a one time payment link.I am very thankful for the whole process being transparent and easy, and all the follow ups from Iris. And I definitely would recommend Vietnam Visa Services for anyone that is in a hurry for such papers!
Edward Cryer
Edward Cryer
11:01 29 Jul 22
Were able to deal with tight timelines professionally and easily. Excellent service all the way through. Highly recommended!
Edward Thiebe
Edward Thiebe
10:00 04 Jul 22
Wow! With less than 12 hours before my departure to Vietnam, I was able to safely and securely receive my e-visa. After searching the web and receiving multiple different instructions on what is needed, Chloe Nguyen was absolutely amazing to help me easily understand the process. The responsiveness and communication of detail was a much needed stress relief. Within 5 hours of submitting payment and proper information, I had my e-visa secured. Vietnam Discovery needs to be top of the list for safe, reliable and trustworthy site for E-visas.
Stephen Kerr
Stephen Kerr
05:53 25 Jun 22
I needed a visa in less than 1 day. Paid extra and got it in 7 hours. Very efficient people and the website actually works. Used mentioned whatsapp number to follow all steps, very quick response.
Chris Archambault
Chris Archambault
05:14 24 Jun 22
Vietnam Visa services helped sort my visa out urgently and efficiently. Would highly recommend! Thank you Chloe!
Josie Cridland
Josie Cridland
08:32 23 Jun 22
If you worked / lived in Vietnam and have now left, but need a criminal record check done from overseas, I can thoroughly recommend this company. I received a PDF copy of my criminal record check and an English translation within one week of completing their user-friendly form. I was honestly a bit worried that there would be some issues, but as the other option was paying $400 at the Embassy in London, I decided to try it. It cost me $160 for a check, translation and tracked delivery service of the hard copy - much cheaper and faster than the alternative. Jessica was very responsive to emails and kept me updated the whole time. Thank you very much!
Alexis Snider
Alexis Snider
05:12 15 Jun 22
After a mistake in the visa registration for my dad (via a different visa source), I contacted Vietnam Visa on Sunday and they were able to get an expedited visa for my dad by Monday afternoon! Iris and her team are amazing, helpful and kind!I highly recommend using Vietnam Visa.