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  • 越南員警證明服務 - 在越南獲得員警證明的最快捷簡單的方法

越南員警證明服務 – 在越南獲得員警證明的最快捷簡單的方法

最後一次更新: Feb 25, 2022



  • 未能獲得越南警方檢查的最新規定;
  • 未能按照正確的程式在越南獲得警方檢查;
  • 不能有效地講和理解越南語;
  • 不知道確切所需的檔以及如何為越南犯罪記錄申請準備這些檔。
  • 無法明確獲取,以防緊急工作需要它們;
  • 要求在越南當局的存在;
  • 等等。



憑藉在這方面超過 10 年的經驗,我們有信心提供:

  • 越南警方檢查 1 號
  • 越南警方檢查第 2 號
  • 越南警方在河內檢查
  • 越南警方檢查胡志明市等
  • 快速越南警方檢查(1 – 2 – 4 – 7 個工作日)
  • 越南警方檢查在越南的外國人
  • 越南警方檢查居住在越南的外國人。
  • 越南員警證明全包,包括:
    • 越南員警證明證書,
    • 公證/合法化版本,以及
    • 翻譯成您的母語。



員警證明 1 113 美元149 美元170 美元191美元


通過Vietnam-visa.com 在越南獲得犯罪記錄很簡單。看看我們的程式:

  • 您首先向我們的 [email protected] 發送電子郵件或填寫上述表格。
  • 我們將在 04 個工作小時內回復您以確認並開始處理您的訂單。
  • 然後我們將與越南當局合作為您進行警方檢查。
  • 我們最終會通過電子郵件或您的地址將犯罪記錄發送給您。


  • Vietnam-visa.com 自 2007 年以來一直在這方面開展業務。
  • 我們已幫助數以千計的本地和國際客戶獲得越南警方檢查,成功率100%。
  • 憑藉高度專業的客戶服務,我們為您提供指導並讓您瞭解犯罪記錄檢查狀態的最新情況。
  • 我們及時回復電子郵件並為每個客戶提供個性化服務。
  • 我們可以幫助您使您的越南員警聲明合法化,以便在其他國家/地區使用。



Aina Maeda
Aina Maeda
02:43 22 Sep 23
My mother needed a Vietnamese police check as part of the US immigration visa application. We had no knowledge about how the application process works, and finding the right advisor was a real challenge. Working with the Vietnam Visa consultant was a life changer. The consultant whom I worked with was trustworthy; she diligently answered every question I asked until everything was clear. Plus, the pricing was transparent and reasonable. We were so happy when my mother received the document in Fukuoka, Japan. It was truly a blessing for us to meet the right service agent at the right time. Thank you very much for your help!
Claire Laura Purvis
Claire Laura Purvis
11:37 28 Jul 21
Brilliant service and quick turnaround. Didn't think it could be legitimate initially due to how speedy the service was but got my police check in the time window despite the current lockdown.
Umar Zuberi
Umar Zuberi
15:58 04 May 21
I used Vientam Visa Services, who I luckily found through google search, to get Police Clearance Certificate. I am currently based in Dubai but lived in Vietnam around 20 years back. It's a big hassle to get police certificate at your own, specially if you are not in the country. However, I must say that Ms. Jessica handled my case extremely professionally and provided me all the documents information she required to get police clearance certificate. Also, she was very quick to respond to my queries. Once I provided the information, she got me Police certificate (Judicial record card) within the time frame she told me. Also, she got it translated and sent me 2 copies through courier to Dubai. Thank you very much Jessica and Vietnam visa for all the help and would strongly recommend them for police clearance certificate or any other travel related services.
Robert Culhane
Robert Culhane
10:27 02 Apr 21
I dealt with Chloe Nguyen. She was very prompt with her responses and generally very helpful as well as answering any queries I had. I was also very satisfied with the length and ease of the process, it was all sorted within 1 week. I thought getting police clearance from Vietnam while living abroad would be quite difficult but Vietnam Visa Services made it very simple.
Andrew Burn
Andrew Burn
14:59 03 Mar 21
Vietnam Visa Services processed a police clearance certificate for me as I live outside of Vietnam. Everything was well explained, I felt able to ask any questions I had and received prompt, professional responses, compared to other service providers I found Vietnam Visa Services to be very good value. I would happily recommend.





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