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How to travel with 2 passports: Hongkong and BNO

Last update: May 18, 2021

As Hong Kong had been a Crown Colony of the British Empire in the past, there are many citizens of Hong Kong have two passports: BNO and Hong Kong. For those of you who are having both these passports, there are many advantages you can use when traveling.

Visa issuance

If you need to travel during sending your passport away to get a visa. Having two passports can get through this matter. While one passports is away from you, you can still continue to travel with another.

Country Conflict

There can be conflict among different countries you plan to visit. For example, when you visit Israel, you will get the stamp of Israel onto your passport before following your plan to Lebanon. However, Lebanon see a stamp of Israel in your passport and they do not let you in because of conflict between these two countries. To solve this problem, you should use the second passport when moving to next destination to ensure that you do not have to face any trouble.
Or even when the political is unstable in Hong Kong and you want to move another place, BNO will help you to go to 189 countries in the world including some former British colonies that requires a visa for citizen of Hong Kong. In emergency case, you can also get help from the British Embassy or Consulate, and stay in most European Union countries.
Holders of BNO passport are British nationals and Commonwealth citizens, but not British citizens. BNO passport holders are not grant right anywhere in the world, but almost all BN(O)s are permanent residents of Hong Kong. Although they are under the control of British immigration, they do not have to live or work in the United Kingdom as their automatic right.

Vietnam Visa for Hongkong Passport Holders & BNO Passport Holders

For passport holder of each countries, there are different priorities and requirements when entering other countries. Therefore, depend on your destination you can choose which one is better to apply for visa.
For instance, If you plant to visit Vietnam, either Hong Kong passport holders or BNO passport holders is required to get an entry visa. Normally UK citizens are allowed to enter Vietnam in maximum of 15 days without visa, however BNO passport holders are required to obtain a visa in any length of stay. Therefore, Hong Kong passport is prefer to apply for Vietnam visa according to the better relationship and nearer geographic distance between Hong Kong and Vietnam compared to between British and Vietnam. Detailed answer of which passport you can use can be found at: https://help.vietnam-visa.com/support/solutions/articles/6000222028-vietnam-visa-with-bno-british-national-overseas-passport-or-hongkong-
In order to get Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders, you can go online to  https://www.vietnam-visa.com/ to complete an online visa application and follow simple procedure to apply for Vietnam visa. After that, you will receive the Approval letter via email to get the visa stamped onto your passport in any of Vietnam international airport.
All the fee and guide about how to get Vietnam visa for Hong Kong’s citizen are launched clearly on the website for your reference.

You also can contact via Support@vietnam-visa.com or via hotline +84.946.583.583 (WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo available) for further support.

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