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Tourist visa (DL) is one of the most popular types of Vietnam visa which is valid for up to 3 months (single/Multiple entry) or 1-year multiple entry visa (for US passport holders only) and can be renewed after your arrival in Vietnam. It is for tourism purpose only and not intended for those visitors who want to work during their stay in Vietnam.

However, according to Law 51/2019/QH14 amending and supplementing a number of articles Law on entry, exit transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam taking effect on July 1, 2020, for a tourist visa valid for more than 30 days, its holders will be granted with 30-day temporary residence only and then considered for extension after every 30 days.

Sample of Vietnamese tourist visa
Sample of Vietnamese tourist visa

What are Tourist Visa Requirements?

A Vietnam tourist visa is NOT required for certain nationalities listed at in the Vietnam visa exemption list.

In case you are required to get a tourist visa to enter Vietnam, please make sure:

  1. Your current passport is valid for at least 06 months following your arrival date (temporary passport is not accepted);
  2. Your current passport has at least 02 blank pages for visa and immigration stamps;
  3. Your Vietnam visa photo

Types of Vietnam Tourist Visa

At the moment, you may apply for either of the following types of tourist visa for Vietnam:

  • 1 month single entry (valid for 01 month with 01 entry only);
  • 1 month multiple entry (valid for 01 month with several entry during that 01 month);
  • 3 months single entry (valid for 03 months with 30-day stay with 01 entry only, );
  • 3 months multiple entry (valid for 03 months with several entres during those 03 months, 30 days at maximum each stay);

Note: US travelers have one (01) more option for a tourist visa to Vietnam: 1 year multiple entry visa for Vietnam.

How to Apply For a Vietnam Tourist Visa?

There are 02 options to get a Vietnam tourist visa online, namely:

Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival
Submit a visa application form online
Get visa approval letter via email within 02 working days or even 2-4 working hours in emergency cases
Get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport
Apply for a visa at Vietnam embassy abroad
Contact the embassy you are applying for the visa with for guidance to prepare the visa application documents, procedure and fees
Prepare the document as guided
Visit the embassy to submit the visa documents and pay the visa fees
Visit the embassy again to receive the visa and original passport

Vietnamese Tourist Visa Fees

The cost of tourist visa for Vietnam depends on the method you choose to get your visa, i.e:

  • Visa at the embassy: The fee may vary.
  • Tourist visa on arrival: you will need to pay two kinds of fees: (1) service fee – paid online to us to process your visa approval letter with Vietnam Immigration Department and deliver it to your email, and (2) stamping fee – paid in cash to Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped. The service fee is fixed by visa type, the number of applicants, and processing time, while the stamping fee is fixed by visa type only. For example, a 1-month single entry business visa typically cost US $46 totally (consisting of US $21 for our service fee and US $25 for the stamping fee).  

Here is a sample table of Vietnam tourist visa on arrival fees offered by

Type of visa 1 pax 2 pax 3+ pax Stamping fee
1 month single entry $21 $18.25 $17.25 $25
3 months single entry $34 $30.25 $28.25 $25
1 month multiple entry $26 $23.25 $22.25 $50
3 months multiple entry $55 $52.25 $46.75 $50

Service Fee is quoted in US $/pax

The above fees apply to normal service of 2 working days processing. You need to pay extra:
  • US $10/pax for 1 working day processing;
  • US $25/pax for 4 working hours processing;
  • US $50/pax for 2 working hours processing.

Calculate Your Tourist Visa Fees

Processing Time

The processing time of a tourist visa for Vietnam varies based on the way you choose to get your visa. It is also impacted by Public Holidays.

  • Visa on arrival: 02 – 04 working days to receive the approval letter. But if you need an urgent visa, you can get it in 2-4 working hours.
  • Visa at the embassy: 05 working days + the postal delivery time in case you send your passport by mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The procedure, required documents, and processing time and cost of getting tourist visa at Vietnam embassy may vary from embassy to embassy. In case you wish to obtain the visa through this way, please contact the embassy directly for details.

In order to process an approval letter for Vietnam tourist visa (sometimes called Vietnam travel visas), you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Full name on passport
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Nationality on passport
  • Your passport number
  • Travel dates. They are not required to be exact, planned ones can be provided.

No, you cannot. 1 year tourist visa is currently available for US passports only. If you are from other countries, you can only apply for 1 or 3 month tourist visa only.

Q: I have extended my tourist visa one more time after my 90-day Vietnam tourist has been expired. What should I do if I want to stay in Vietnam one further month?

A: Since you Vietnam tourist visa can be extended for only one time, you need to leave Vietnam and apply for a new 1 month visa to re-enter the country and stay there for further 1 month.

No, you can’t.

No employment is allowed while you are in Vietnam on a tourist visa. And if you are caught working illegally, you’ll end up in a world of trouble. As such, you are not advised to do so.

If you want to work in Vietnam, first find an employer who is willing to apply for your work permit.

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