Vietnam Visa Exemption List stated by Vietnamese Government

Vietnam Visa Exemption List stated by Vietnamese Government

Almost foreigners to Vietnam need a valid visa. But almost is not all. Nationals holding popular passport of many countries which have signed bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam do not need to have a valid visa to stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time.

Following are Vietnam visa exemption policy:

The citizens below are benefiting from unconditional Vietnam visa exemption. It means that they only need to have their passport valid for at least 6 months following their arrival date to enter Vietnam without visa and stay there for their granted visa-free duration.

1. A 90-day tourist visa exemption is granted to:


Vietnam visa exemption for Chile citizens

Citizens of Chile


2. A 60-day visa exemption is granted to:



APEC Business Travel Card Holders


3. A 30-day visa exemption is granted to:


Laotian passport holders exempted from Vietnam visa

Citizens of Laos

Vietnam visa exemption for Cambodian citizens

Citizens of Cambodia

Vietnam visa exemption for Thai passport holders

Citizens of Thailand

30-day Vietnam visa exemption for Malaysian citizens -

Citizens of Malaysia

30-day vietnam visa exemption for Singaporean passport holders -

Citizens of Singapore

Vietnam visa exemption for Indonesian citizens

Citizens of Indonesia


Vietnam visa exemption policy for Kyrgyzstan citizens

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan


4. A 21-day visa exemption is granted to:


21-day vietnam visa exemption granted to Philippines passport holders -

Citizens of Philippines

5. A 14-day visa exemption is granted to:

14-day Vietnam visa exemption for Brunei citizens - information about visa to Vietnam

Citizens of Brunei

14-day Vietnam visa exemption for Myanmar citizens - information about visa to Vietnam

Citizens of Myanmar

And following comes the list of citizens who benefit from unilateral Vietnam visa waiver conditionally. It means that to get visa exemption, their stay in Vietnam must meet the following conditions:

  1. Their stay duration should be no longer than the granted duration;
  2. Their passport should be valid for at least 06 months following their arrival date; AND

6. A 15-day visa exemption is granted to:


apply for Vietnam visa from japan - Vietnam visa exemption agreement

Citizens of Japan

Vietnam visa exemption for South Korean citizens -

Citizens of South Korea

15-day Vietnam visa exemption to Swedish nationals  - apply for a visa to Vietnam

Citizens of Sweden

15-day Vietnam visa exemption for citizens of Denmark - Vietnam visa news

Citizens of Denmark

Vietnam visa waiving for Finland passport holders - obtaining a visa for Vietnam

Citizens of Finland

Norway citizens require no Vietnam for visits to Vietnam of 15 days - Vietnam visa information

Citizens of Norway

Vietnam visa tips - 15-day Vietnam visa exemption for Russian citizens

Citizens of Russia

7. A 15-day visa exemption until June 30th, 2021 is granted to:


Vietnam visa exemption for Uk citizens

Citizens of United Kingdom

Vietnam visa exemption for French citizens

Citizens of France

Vietnam visa exemption for German citizens

Citizens of Germany

Vietnam visa exemption for Spanish citizens

Citizens of Spain

Vietnam visa exemption for Italian citizens

Citizens of Italy

8. A 15-day visa exemption from July 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2020 is granted to:

vietnam visa exemption for Belarus citizens

Citizens of Belarus

9. SPECIAL Vietnam visa exemption policy for those to Phu Quoc island

Those directly traveling to Phu Quoc Island are exempted from Vietnam visa for up to 30 days there. In case they wish to stay there for over 30 days or wish to travel to other localities, they will get the visa issued right on the spot by the Immigration Department.

► For full details and conditions for Vietnam visa exemption to Phu Quoc, see

For those who wish to stay in Vietnam longer than the exemption duration, they can check these 3 options:

  1. Contact the most convenient Vietnam Embassy (traditional way to obtain a visa to Vietnam); OR
  2. Apply online via a Vietnam visa center for a visa approval letter to get visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam (applicable for air travelers to Vietnam only). For more information about how visa on arrival works, please click here.
  3. Apply for Vietnam e-visa (citizens of 46 countries only).


To identify which one is best for you, refer to this post: 3 current ways to get valid visa for Vietnam.

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