5-Year Visa Exemption for Vietnam

Last update: Dec 16, 2019


Who is Eligible for The 5-Year Visa Exemption for Vietnam?

5-year visa exemption for Vietnam is granted to Vietnamese overseas, foreigners who are spouses, children of Vietnamese overseas, or Vietnamese citizens.

The visa exemption certificate acts as a long-term visa for its holders to visit Vietnam at any time within 5 years.

Sample of Vietnam 5 years visa exemption certificate

Sample of Vietnam 5 years visa exemption certificate

Important notes:

  • No visa is required for travel to Vietnam within 05 years. Those people having 5-year Vietnam visa exemption certificate is allowed to stay in Vietnam for 180 days at maximum for each visit.
  • If they want to stay longer than 180 days without leaving the country, they can extend a visa in Vietnam. The extended duration is 6 months.
  • Visa exemption certificate shall be valid for up to 05 years and expires at least 6 months before the expiration of the holder’s passport or equivalent paper.

How to Get a 5-Year Visa Exemption for Vietnam

To get a certificate of 5-year visa exemption for Vietnam, take two steps below:

Step 1: Prepare the required documents

The documents required for applying for Vietnam 5 year visa exemption depends on the subjects of applications, namely:

  • Vietnamese overseas; and
  • Spouses, children of Vietnamese overseas or Vietnamese citizens

For Vietnamese overseas:

To apply for 5 years visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese, the applicant needs to prepare:

  1. 01 application form for visa exemption certificate (Fill-out the form here and print with a barcode on Letter-sized paper
  2. Passport or equivalent paper or a residence permit granted by a competent agency in the country of residence valid for at least 6 months following the date of arrival in Vietnam;
  3. Two photos taken recently (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses);
  4. One certified copy or copy attached to originals of one of the following papers:
    • birth certificate;
    • certificate of Vietnamese citizenship;
    • decision for renunciation of Vietnamese citizenship;
    • certificate of loss of Vietnamese citizenship;
    • Vietnamese passport (valid or invalid)
    • Identity Card (valid or invalid);
    • latest voter’s card;
    • Family Register Book;
    • Documents issued by competent foreign authorities if they can prove that the person in question has original Vietnamese citizenship or of Vietnamese origin.
  5. In case of not having documents listed at (4), the following materials could be submitted:
    • A guarantee issued by an overseas Vietnamese association from the country of residence
    • A guarantee from a Vietnamese citizen

For foreign spouses & children of overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizens:

To apply for Vietnam 5 year visa exemption for foreign spouses and children of overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizens, the applicant will need to prepare:

  1. A 5 year Vietnam visa exemption application form (prepared as above if you are in any country other than Vietnam, or download and fill out this Applicant Form NA09 if you are in Vietnam);
  2. Foreign passport valid for at least 6 months following entry date in Vietnam;
  3. Two photos taken recently (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses;
  4. One copy attached to originals of one of the following papers which prove the relationship between wives/husbands/children and the Vietnamese overseas/Vietnamese citizens:
    • Certificate of Marriage
    • Certificate of Birth
    • Certificate of relationship with father, mother, children;
    • Other valid documents as regulated by the Vietnamese Law.
    • Decision of Adoption

Step 2: Submit the documents prepared above to the granting authority:

Agencies competent to grant visa exemption certificates include:

  • Overseas Vietnamese diplomatic missions and consulates (see here for their contact details);
  • The Vietnam Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security (if you are in Vietnam).

In case you are in Vietnam and have no time to work directly with the Vietnam Immigration Department, call us at +94.846.583.583 or email us at Sales@Vietnam-visa.com.

Step 3: Receive your original passport and the 5 years visa exemption certificate.

5-Year Visa Exemption Fee

The cost of getting a 5-year visa exemption for Vietnam depends on the authority with which you apply for it.

Processing Time of 5-Year Visa Exemption for Vietnam

Usually, it takes up to 7 days to get your Vietnam 5-year visa exemption certificate issued and granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sure. You can renew it or obtain a new certificate by following the same procedures.

Please be kindly informed that we can assist you to extend your stay. Kindly send us scan of your passport (consisting your personal information page and current visa exemption), and we will get back to you with further details.

In this case, you should renew your passport before applying for this kind of visa.

  1. My wife is a Vietnamese and I’m now in Vietnam with her. I want to process my 5 year visa exemption via the Immigration Department. Please let me know its address.
  2. Please check here for addresses of Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi, Da nang and Ho Chi Minh City:
  • In Hanoi: 40A, Hang Bai Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • In Da Nang: No. 7 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang city
  • In Ho Chi Minh city: No 161 Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Their working time is 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM in the morning and 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM in the afternoon from Monday to Friday (except for national holidays).

In case you have no time or don’t want to face any hassle in working directly with them, we can assist you to get your 5 year visa exemption for Vietnam. Feel free to call us at +84.946.583.583.

Disclaimers: While we put an effort to ensure that the provided information is correct and up-to-date, there are probably changes which we are unaware of.

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