Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fee

Be informed that Service Fee and Stamping Fee are required in order to get your Visa approved

In order to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival, be aware that you need to pay two kinds of fee: Service fee and Stamping fee, details below

01. Service fee

Service fee is paid online to in order to get the Visa approval letter. This fee would vary depending upon your Visa type, number of applicants and processing time.

02. Stamping fee

Stamping fee is paid in cash to Immigration Officer at Vietnam International Airport to get visa stamped. The rate is publicly announced in Government website and you will receive a red bill for the payment.

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tourist Visa Fee for AUSTRALIA Citizens

(Unit: USD/Pax)
VISA TYPEService FeeStamping Fee
Normal (Guaranteed 2 working days)Urgent (Guaranteed 1 working day)Super urgent (4 working hours )
1 pax2 pax3-5 pax6-9 pax10+ pax
1 month single entry$21$18.25$17.25$15.25$14+$10+$25 $25
3 months single entry$34$30.25$28.25$26.25$22 $25
1 month multiple entry$26$23.25$22.25$19.25$17 $50
3 months multiple entry$55$52.25$46.75$39.05$33 $50

business Visa Fee for AUSTRALIA Citizens

(Unit: USD/Pax)
VISA TYPEService FeeStamping Fee
Normal (7 working days)Urgent (3 working days)Super urgent (2 working days)
1 pax2 pax3-5 pax6-9 pax10+ pax
1 month single entry$119$114$108$106$100+$30+$50 $25
3 months single entry$140$133$126$120$118 $25
1 month multiple entry$119$114$108$106$100 $50
1 year multiple entry$506$482$467$457$447 $135
3 months multiple entry$146$139$135$133$130 $50
6 months multiple entry$361$344$333$326$320 $95


Airport fast - track

All immigration produres shall be handled by our careful, courteous and professional staff in the most timely manner. You will not to get in line and wait for Visa stamped.

Number of Applicant123-56-910+
Fee (USD/applicant)$25$22$20$18$15


You will be picked up to your destination in inner city quickly and safely by our friendly, careful and wel-trained driver who stands outside the airport with your name on welcome sign.

(Unit: USD/passenger)
Number of PassengersAirport
Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN) - Ho Chi Minh CityNoi Bai Airport (HAN) - Ha NoiDanang Airport (DAD) - Da Nang
Economy Class1 person$20$22$22
2 persons$10.5$11.5$11.5
3 persons$8$9$9
4 persons$6$7$7
5 persons$6$6.5$6.5
6-10 persons$5.5$5.5$5.5
Business Class1 person$55$60N/A
2 persons$30$35N/A