3 winter treats of Hanoi

If you are in Hanoi in these day, you will easily feel the wing of winter covering the city. It is not as cold as in European countries, but it is enough cold for people to stay close to each other to get them encompassed by warmth.

In stead of a cup of ice lemon tea in a hot day, here are the recommend 3 street dishes to enjoy when Hanoi is getting cold.

1. Boiled snails

Boiled Snails - a treat of Hanoi in winter - Vietnam visa
Boiled Snails – a treat of Hanoi in winter

Like many other places across Vietnam, boiled snails become an in dispensable dishes of Hanoians when the winter comes.
Snails are often soaked with chilly in order to make them “open the mouth” to release dust and sand inside before being boiled.

The snails are normally served with a mixture of fish sauce, lime, chili, sugar and lemongrass. It is quite interesting to know that this accompaniment varies from stall to stall and the good sauce rather than the snails is the key to attract eaters.

2. Grilled corn

Grilled corn - Hanoi winter treat - Vietnam visa
Grilled corn

Another popular food in winter day in Hanoi is grilled corn. Its scent coming along with chilly winds of winter nights always brings about a bit of warmth inside many Hanoians. Vendors, who are mainly middle-aged and old women, begin to cook and sell grilled corn from late afternoon. They often put corns on fire built by charcoal and constantly turn them over to make corns become well cooked but not burnt. As a result, while the cover becomes hard and browned, the inside is still glutinous, sweet and packed with flavors. Grilled corn stalls can be found almost anywhere on the sidewalk of Hanoi during the night.

3. Banana cake

winter cakes of Hanoi - Vietnam visa
Winter cakes of Hanoi

The smell of the cakes makes passersby’s mouth water and the heat from the stoves keeps people warm in the cold atmosphere. The main ingredients of the crisp yellow cakes are sweet potatoes and bananas from the countryside. After being mixed with flour and sugar, they are deep fried and become a perfect treat in winter days.

Of course, Hanoi has so many other awaiting you to enjoy. If you want to see more, feel free to contact us – Vietnam-visa.com.