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5 things you should do on your trip to India

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

The Republic of India, which lies across the Tropic of Cancer, comprises most of the Indian sub-continent. India is the largest democracy in the world, the seventh largest country by area, with the second largest population. Located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere, it is bound by Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal border its coastline. Being a sub-continent India offers lots of options for tourists to roam around. If you are planning a trip to India then below are some of the things you should plan for.

1. Toy trains

Mountain railways in India are often referred to as toy trains or Chhotey lines. These are the narrow gauge lines that were built during the nineteenth century by the British. The Indian railways has maintained the legacy and is still operating and maintaining these trains.

Mathera - Indian luxury train - Vietnam visa

Mathera – an Indian luxury train

There are 5 popular toy train routes in India.

  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  • Kalka–ShimlaRailway
  • MatheranHill Railway
  • Kangra Valley Railway

2. Luxury trains in India

If you plan to explore the beauty of India, the best way to do is travel by train. The 4th largest rail network in the world covers most of the parts of the country and offer some of the best sightseeing moments to the passengers. The network covers all major tourist spots in some way or the other by means of passenger trains, toy trains and luxury trains. The railways is not only a mode of commutation to the people rather it is the backbone of the tourism sector in India. In this blog we bring you the list of 5 luxury trains in India

Deccan-Odyssey - Luxury train in India - Vietnam visa


3. Explore of the most iconic historical places in India

With the existence of 5000 year old civilization, India has witnessed the evolution of various cultures and heritages. There is nothing much to say about these marvelous monuments rather than witnessing and indulging the beauty of these places. Watch out this video show casing some of the major historical monuments in India.

4. Visit the most famous national parks in India

Indian tiger - Vietnam visa

To witness the sound of flowing rivers, the sight of grazing deer, the melody spread around by the chirping of birds and the sound of roaring tigers you will have to take a trip of your lifetime. A trip to the national parks in India where wild animals and birds can be spotted in their natural habitats. These national parks were established as an effort to conserve wildlife and the other endangered species. This experience of being in the nature’s lap and seeing all these animals from a close range is bound to be an unforgettable one.

5. Adventure activities in India

Adventure travel is very popular in India, as there is such a wide range of things to do. Starting from the great Himalayan region in north to the vast expanse in the South, from the Rann of Kutch in the west to the Eastern India there are plenty of options for adventure travel. From the Snow-capped Mountains to the vast oceans, from deserts to wildlife, the Indian sub-continent provides a lot of options for the adventure lovers.

That’s not all, India offers numerous possibilities to explore no matter what your preferences are. Do read out other articles on our site to learn more about the travel options and plan your trips with ease.

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