Chilean citizens enjoy visa-free entry to Vietnam!

We’re happy to share that from August 11th 2017, Chilean passport holders traveling to Vietnam will be exempted from the visa requirement, and Vietnamese coming to Chile will enjoy the same story!

The Consular Department under the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the agreement between the two Governments of Vietnam and Chile, on visa exemption for holders of ordinary passports (signed in October 17, 2016) has taken effect from August 11, 2017.

Chilean holders of ordinary passports with a validity of at least six months are subject to a visa-free stay in Vietnam shorter than 90 days. The visa waiver will not apply to those:

  • Wanting to stay in Vietnam to generate income
  • Wanting to stay for more than 90 days

If Chilean citizens in these situations wishing to get a Vietnam visa, they can select one of 2 methods:

  1. Apply Vietnam visa through Vietnam Embassy in Chile
  2. Apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival

To see the brief comparison between these 2 options, simply click HERE.

So until now, Vietnam has provided visa exemption for holders of ordinary passports from 24 countries all over the world. Details can be found in: