5 Common Mistakes with Vietnam Visa on Arrival Application

Last update: Dec 27, 2023

Since its launch in 2004, Vietnam visa on arrival has become much preferred by travelers to Vietnam by air thanks to its:

  1. Convenience;
  2. Simplicity;
  3. Time and cost-saving; and also
  4. Last-minute application.

However, not all travelers to Vietnam clearly understand about the procedure, components and other issues related to Vietnam visa on arrival. That is why here we reveal the top 5 common mistakes with Vietnam visa on arrival application process that travelers may usually make. Read on so you can avoid them when applying for a visa on arrival to Vietnam!

1 – No need to register Vietnam visa on arrival beforehand

Many people think that they can get a Vietnam visa on arrival directly at Vietnam airport without applying online like visa on arrival for Cambodia. That is NOT true, you may end up with delaying/canceling your flight or waiting at the airport until your visa application is approved. Even if you can get on board, you can be expelled.

Thus, you need to apply for a visa on arrival online in advance in order to pick up your visa at the arrival International Vietnam airports.

► See what Vietnam visa on arrival is, essential documents, procedure, and various pieces of important information about this type of visa for Vietnam here.

2 – Vietnam Visa on Arrival at the border

Visa on arrival works for air travelers only, it means there is NO on arrival visa for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry. Therefore, in case you DO NOT enter Vietnam by air, we highly recommend you to apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates in your local or nearby areas in advance.

This is a very important point that travelers should be aware of. After having a Vietnam visa application form offered by a reliable Vietnam visa center, you will see that they require you to provide an arrival airport. By filling it out, you are confirming that your means of transportation to Vietnam is by air, and you will get no refund in case you are then traveling to Vietnam by bus, train or cruise.

3 – Spelling/Typo mistakes with application for Vietnam visa on arrival

Many applicants fill in the Application Form with WRONG details: full name on passport, passport number or date of birth, passport expiration date. Normally, it may not be a big problem; however, in some cases; they will be refused by airlines at the departure airport since the information on the visa approval letter does not match those in their passports. So, make sure you submit everything correctly and carefully.

In this Vietnam visa application form provided by Vietnam-visa.com, all applicants are guided step-by-step to complete the form.

4 – Vietnam visa validity

Many people are confused about the validity of visa upon arrival. In fact, the visa validity starts from the arrival date you submit when applying for your approval letter (the date printed on your visa approval letter), not from the date you enter the country. You are allowed to enter Vietnam after that date, but an early entry is not allowed. Thus, please make sure that you plan a proper schedule of traveling before placing an order of visa to Vietnam.

5 – Vietnam visa extension

Many people think that it is easy to extend a visa once they are in Vietnam; however, in fact, it is not that easy. Extending a visa may be a costly and time-consuming process. So, if possible, just apply for a 3 months visa in advance instead of a 1 month one to save your time and money on visa extension.

We do believe that our list of mistakes with Vietnam visa on arrival application process is not completed. If you wish to share or add up something, you are welcome at [email protected].

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