Discovering Vietnam with A Million Travels Blog

If Vietnam is in your bucket list and you’re planning to visit this amazing Country, there’s a website you should know: A Million Travels!

They’re Ambra and Edoardo, a couple from Italy travelling all around through Southeast Asia, mostly in Vietnam. Both willing to travel the world, they left Italy in January 2016 to fly to Bangkok. From there it was all a great adventure, moving by train and bus they crossed the Cambodian border and spend 10 amazing days there. Eventually they stepped into the incredible Vietnam: their itinerary goes from South to North, stopping for a few months in the modern and lively Da Nang. In this city they’re managing to enjoy the Vietnamese lifestyle, appreciate the most beautiful places nearby, the best restaurants and street food stands, and a lot more.

Hoi An Ancient Town - by A million Travels - vietnam visa partner

Each day spent in this Country lets them learn its culture and history, what’s behind the smiles and the gazes of the local people. They’re discovering what’s the meaning of living a culture so different from theirs and how to appreciate many things they were about to underestimate.

Vietnam is a fastly developing Country, becoming more and more modern. It has great resources, beautiful landscapes and an incredible history of which you can still see the signs everywhere.

Staying on beautiful beach of Vietnam - Vietnam visa - partner of Amilliontravels

They’re living the adventure of a lifetime, that’s why they want to share it on their blog and help other travellers with tips and suggestions, or even only with inspiration for their travels! They try to tell their stories not only with words, but with photos and videos too. Sometimes images speak better than words and can engage the reader even more!

They have been travelling by train and bus, that’s why coming into Vietnam they couldn’t cross the land border with a visa on arrival (way easier to get and cheaper than the visa at embassy or consulate). Since at the consulate in Italy it was too expensive and would have taken a long processing time, they managed to get it at the Vietnamese consulate in Sihanoukville, in Cambodia. If you’re planning to enter Vietnam by plane, they absolutely recommend the visa on arrival, and Vietnam-visa is what you’re looking for. Easy, fast and cheap, in 2 days only you’ll have the pre-approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department as an official permission allowing you to get on flight and get actual visa stamped onto your passports upon arrival at Vietnam international airports. You’ll only need to print your approval letter and take it with you when flying to Vietnam, and show it to the immigration officer along with passport, 2 passport sized photos, the Vietnamese visa application form and stamping fee.

It’s never been so easy to visit Vietnam, so what are you waiting for?! Plan your journey to this amazing Country and don’t forget to contact them if you have any doubt, question, advice to ask. Keep updated on their next destinations following their Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages!