Vietnam Visa for Netherlands Citizens

Last update: Jan 13, 2020

Do Dutch Citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

Yes. All Dutch citizens are REQUIRED to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam for either tourism or business purpose. You can see the table below for summary of Vietnam visa requirements for citizens of the Netherlands.

Type of visa Visa Requirement
Tourist visa Required
Business visa Required

To visit Vietnam, travelers with Netherlands passports should also meet the entry requirements:

  • Netherlands passport should be valid for at least 6 months following arrival date in Vietnam;
  • Netherlands passport has at least 2 blank pages.

How to Apply for Vietnam Visa for Dutch Citizens?

There are 02 common ways to get a visa to Vietnam for the Dutch Citizens and passport holders as follow:

1. Apply for Vietnam embassy visa:

This way of visa application requires Dutch citizens to contact:

  • Vietnam embassy in the Hague, Netherlands if they are in this country; or
  • Vietnam embassy/consulate in the country of their residence if they are outside their home country.

Then, they need to prepare the required documents and follow the procedures to submit the visa application documents and pick up the visa applied by the embassy.

2. Apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival

The easiest way to get a visa for Vietnam for Dutch Citizens who are traveling to Vietnam by air is to apply online for Visa on Arrival (VOA).

With VOA, you apply online via website: by:

Filling out the secure online application form, and make payment of service fee;
Receiving the visa approval letter by email, normally in 2 working days (for tourist visa) or 7 working days (for business visa);
Getting visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport and pay for stamping fee there.

Vietnam Visa Fees for Dutch Citizens

This section answers “How much is a Vietnam visa for Dutch Citizens?” For Vietnam visa on arrival, it is US $25 for a single entry visa or US $50 for a multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 months PLUS the service fee for visa approval letter. You can check details in the table below.

Showing price for:
Tourist visa
Business visa
Type of visa 1 pax 2 pax 3+ pax Stamping fee
1 month single entry $21 $18.25 $17.25 $25
3 months single entry $34 $30.25 $28.25 $25
1 month multiple entry $26 $23.25 $22.25 $50
3 months multiple entry $55 $52.25 $46.75 $50
Type of visa 1 pax 2 pax 3+ pax Stamping fee
1 month single entry $119 $114 $108 $25
3 months single entry $140 $133 $126 $25
1 month multiple entry $119 $114 $108 $50
3 months multiple entry $146 $139 $135 $50
6 months multiple entry $361 $344 $333 $95

Service Fee is quoted in US $/pax

The above fees apply to normal service of 2 working days processing. You need to pay extra:
  • US $10/pax for 1 working day processing;
  • US $25/pax for 4 working hours processing;
  • US $50/pax for 2 working hours processing.
The above fees apply to normal service of 7 working days processing. You need to pay extra:
  • US $30/pax for 3 working days processing;
  • US $50/pax for 2 working days processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can help you get a tourist visa on arrival to Vietnam for Dutch passport holders with the visa types below:

  • 1 month single entry visa;
  • 3 month single entry visa;
  • 1 month multiple entry visa; and
  • 3 months multiple entry visa.

To get it, you do not need to submit any document, but an online application form for visa approval letter and then finally get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

Q: Hi, my husband and I are planning to visit Vietnam for about one month from end August to end September. We will arrive from Thailand (Bangkok airport) where we will be for 2 months prior to our Vietnam trip. We have been to Thailand a few times before but would now both love to visit Vietnam. We live in Cape Town, South-Africa and will be travelling originally from here. Are we able to apply for a visa now already valid for August/ September? Single entry and valid 1 month. Thank you. (Inge Borgart)

A: Yes. You can apply now, as the visa becomes valid from your granted arrival date, not from the date of application or the date of issue.

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