Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of many beautiful festivals. There are thousands of festivals taking place across the country during the year. Besides the Tet holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival which takes place on the 15th night of the 8th lunar month annually is one of the most famous festivals and it is a traditional celebration for Vietnamese children.

Mid-autumn festival celebration in Vietnam - Vietnam visa on arrival service

This year Mid-autumn festival will take place on the September 19 and 20 nights. It means it’s only 4 days and you will have opportunity to join its celebration. If you are in your country and wish to join this year festival, you are highly recommended to go right now. And please make sure all things including Vietnam visa are well prepared so that you will have enjoyable moments.

The Mid-Autumn celebration is an opportunity for members of the family to visit together and share together everything in their year. The young generation expresses their gratitude to the old generation. The parents show their love for their children. On this day, the adults and the parents prepare many different foods – Moon cakes, candies, biscuits, jellies, and fruit, such as grapefruit, longan fruit, bananas, apples, mango, etc. All of them are designed with fun symbols, for example: dog, cat, mouse, etc.

Moon cakes are the specific cakes and only appear on this festival. Made of flavor, meat, egg, dried fruit, pumpkin’s seed, peanut, the moon cake is so sweet and good tasting. It symbolizes Luck, Happiness, Health and Wealth on the Mid-Autumn day. That’s the reason why the moon cake has long become an indispensable present for this festival.

Besides that, the children are provided with many nice lanterns – star lanterns, flower lanterns and diverse funny masks such as clown mask, lion mask, prince or princess mask for the special performance in the evening of the full moon. Everywhere is fallen in the active and colorful air. The main point of the Mid-Autumn is that children use the beautiful lanterns, wear funny masks, perform fantastic lion dances, sing folklore songs in the house’s grounds or in the streets when the moon is rising. It is really an exciting show.

Nowadays, although some of the traditional toys have been replaced by modern toys, the meaning and the performance remain unchanged and further developed. It is certain that the Mid-Autumn day is important and famous for Vietnamese people. Everyone wants to join it. And it really is a good example of the traditional culture of the Vietnamese.