Sundar Pichai met with creator of Flappy Bird at Hanoi street stall

A visit of Google CEO Sundar Pichai to Vietnam on December 22, 2015 was really a great event for all local businesses in general and startups and local talents in particular. After official meeting with Vietnamese government, Pichai had an unorthodox meeting with Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen at a street stall in Hanoi. After the meeting, he shared his feeling on his facebook that he “enjoyed meeting … the creator of Flappy Bird, in Hanoi today, amazing where next great developer can come from”, and Nguyen Dong considered meeting the “CEO of the most powerful internet company” was a great honor for him.


Nguyen Dong became an international celebrity of sorts when Flappy Bird, a devilishly simple yet difficult mobile game, took off in popularity in February 2014 months after its initial release. However, the swell of attention was overwhelming, and Nguyen found the intense scrutiny and criticism of his game’s addictive properties good enough reasons to pull Flappy Bird from mobile app stores. The developer has since focused on making other games like Swing Copters 2, which was released just last week, with his six-person team at DotGears Studios.

It’s now unclear what the nature of the meeting was. Pichai can be seen having an animated discussion with Nguyen over drinks while both sat atop bright colored chairs with a busy Hanoi street in the background. But it could be a great time for both of them.

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