Mekong Delta – one among 10 best wetlands in the world

The travel website of Touropia has just released a list of 10 best wetlands in the world and Vietnam has honor to has its Mekong Delta included in the list.

According to the website, Mekong Delta – where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the East Sea has become a exciting place to explore. Being nicknamed “Vietnam’s Rice Basket” does not mean that the Delta has produced rice only. With fertile land for agricultural production fed by the Mekong River, the delta is also land of colorful floating markets, fruit orchards and quaint villages, drawing many to its area.

Coming to Mekong Delta, one cannot miss a cruise along the river, taking into the eyes the fresh environment and stunning sceneries of peaceful villages. The experience is surely very exciting.

Other names in the list of top ten worldwide wetlands are Pantanal, Sundarbans, Okavango Delta, Everglades, etc.

Do explore such lands in your life!