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5 best places in Vietnam for a perfect family holiday

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

It is always nice to spend time with your beloved ones, especially your family. Vietnam, with its long history, natural and cultural sites, exotic places, unique cuisine, is one of the most favorable destinations.

There can be found many tourists attractions in Vietnam that can satisfy any requirements of whatever purposes of travelers. Below are some suggested places which are most suitable for a trip with your family.

Just-in: Before going with 5 best destinations for a perfect family holiday in Vietnam, please remember that you need to check for Vietnam visa requirements to know whether you need a visa to Vietnam or not. Failure to do so may cost you much for urgent Vietnam visa. 

1. Hanoi for a perfect family holiday in Vietnam

hanoi - a perfect destination for family trip in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Hanoi – a perfect destination for family trip in Vietnam

The first suggested destination is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. This is not a very big city but it represents the mixture of both modern and historical elements. Once coming to Hanoi, a must- come place is Hoan Kiem lake and the nearby street in the old corner. Hoan Kiem is a lake with a long history, and there are many places that you can stop by and take a look around the lake. The atmosphere there is also fresh and peaceful, and during the weekend, there is a walking street, only for walking around the lake. There are also many traditional games, the live music performance and other amusement activities around the lake.

If walking in the streets of the old corner, you can find many shops selling the country’s specialty and the popular street food. These dishes are widely enjoyed by people from different countries and of all ages.

There are also many other famous places in Hanoi that you and your family can visit. The Temple of Literature, the very first university in Vietnam, is now used as a place to display and encourage the willingness to overcome any difficulties to study of the Vietnamese people. Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and Vietnam museum of ethnology are also other famous destinations for families to visit in Hanoi.

Besides, there are also many of the entertainment centers, shopping centers and amusement parks, water parks for families, especially families with young kids to pay a visit and relax together.

2. Ho Chi Minh city – a must-include destination in a Vietnam family holiday

Saigon travel with kids - apply Vietnam visa

Saigon travel with kids

The second must visit place in Vietnam is Chi Minh City or previously known as Saigon. Located in the southern part of Vietnam, it is the biggest and most modern city in the whole country. This is the place where you can find many wonderful destinations which are suitable for anyone, from children to adults, from businessman to travelers. There are many different places that you can visit like Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Gia Long Palace, Saigon Opera House, Tao Dan Park and A O Show Saigon. The newly built Landmark 81 tower, which is the current tallest building in Vietnam, is also a famous destination for Vietnamese and also tourists coming to this country.

3. Nha Trang – Vietnam

Nha Trang - ideal for a family holiday in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Nha Trang – ideal for a family holiday in Vietnam

If you and your family are in favor of some blue sea, golden sand, natural and man-made beauty and delicious seafood, it is time to visit Nhatrang, the most famous city in Vietnam for its beautiful beaches. The city is to the South of Truong Son mountain, therefore, it enjoys the quite long dry season, usually from January to September. Tourist can come to Nhatrang at almost any time of the year. Here you can sunbath on the long beautiful beach, doing many water sports like water skiing, diving to discover the seabed while your kids can enjoy running, building a sand castle. The seafood in Nhatrang is also at a very reasonable price and always very fresh.

4. Da Nang – for a perfect Vietnam family trip

a perfect Vietnam family trip - Vietnam visa

Da Nang for a perfect Vietnam family trip

The other very famous city in Vietnam is Danang city, with many beautiful beaches, cultural museums and serene pagodas. A family trip shouldn’t miss beautiful and famous places such as Dragon bridge, Champa museum, Linh Ung Pagoda, My Khe beach, Non Nuoc Beach and Han river bridge. Besides, Bana Hill and Asia Park also offer the greatest entertainment with many exotic places to enjoy and many outdoor activities for the whole family as well.

5. Hoi An – ideal destination for travel with  your kids

Hoi An - ideal destination for travel with  your kids - Vietnam visa

Hoi An – ideal destination for travel with your kids

Next to Danang is Hoian. This city is famous for its picturesque place that you can visit. Every corner in this city is filled with Vietnamese beauty and the atmosphere is very unique. Family members can also enjoy the unique cuisine of this city while taking a boat around the river, forgetting about all the stress of life in this poem-like city.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of places that you can visit while coming to Vietnam. They are suitable for people of all ages, coming from different countries, not just Australia. However, it is advisable that you pay attention to the weather elements when coming to Vietnam as it enjoys the subtropical climate so, in some times of the year, it can be too hot, or too rainy for you and your family to enjoy your trip. Choosing the appropriate time for your trip is one very important factor contributing to the success of the trip.

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