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Last update: Aug 05, 2019

In addition to Vietnam visa on arrival service, also offers customers with airport pickup service to smoothen their trip to Vietnam right at its start, since we know getting off the flight, exiting Noi Bai International Airport, visitors will be got confusion with variety of taxi with different prices. However, taking infamous taxis means that that you are taking a risk of overcharged, even up to $300USD, instead of $16 USD as usual for a taxi from the airport to Hanoi center. Besides, touts may be are considered as one factor to increase your fee.

Why don’t you contact a reliable address and pay $16 as the listed and ONLY costs to avoid the time consuming? At moment, we would like to introduce that Viet Thanh and Noi Bai are the two biggest taxi providers. Catching these taxis, tourists will pay the fee directly for the driver after reaching hotel. No toll fee or any other related charge.

If not, arranging a car transfer through a travel agency is worth thinking. You will easily see a driver hanging a table with your names on it name in exit gate at the airport. The driver will also help you to arrange your luggage and take care of you and your children.

Taxi in Noi Bai international airport

1)Viet Thanh Taxi: $16 USD to Hanoi (drop at hotel)

-Phone: (84)3.563.6666

-Hotline: (84)3.563.6666

-Car type: Matiz, Camry (4 seats), Toyota Inova (7 seats), Toyota vans (16 seats) and Mercedes Sprinter (16 seats)

2)Noi Bai taxi: $16 USD to Hanoi center (drop at hotel)

-Phone: (84) 388.688.88

-Hotline: (84) 388.656.15

-Car type: Matiz, Camry (4 seats), Toyota Inova (7 seats), Toyota vans (16 seats) and Mercedes Sprinter (16 seats)

Car rental for airport pick up

Car categories Seats Manufacturing year Price (USD/turn)
Toyota Innova 7 2006-2007 $30 USD
Mercedes Ben Sprinter 16 2006-2008 $45 USD



-The price above includes: gasoline, ferry, bridge ticket and parking

-Customer Insurance (maximum coverage 10.000.000 VNĐ/ person/case).

-Excluding 5% VAT

-For further information about price, promotions and preferred conditions contractually negotiated with us please contact:

+ Phone: (84) 378.338.87

+ Hotline: (84) 973.223.373

+ Email:    [email protected]

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