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Vietnam-visa’s Authors

Vietnam-visa would like to send special thanks to all authors who have made great contributions to the success and updates of Vietnam-visa.com.

Hanh Pham

Working in the aspect of immigration and visa since 2010, Hanh Pham provides a great and reliable source of Vietnam immigration rules and advice. For her, updating the foreigners to and in Vietnam of the latest information is the most important task in her work.

Hoa Nguyen

Working in Vietnam visa & Immigration industry since 2015, and also be a real wanderlust who has spent time traveling almost provinces and cities of Vietnam, as well as many countries around the world, Hoa Nguyen provides Vietnam-visa visitors with great information about Vietnam immigration as well as the real look into Vietnam and world travel.

Linh Truong

A real wanderlust. She has been cooperating with Vietnam-visa for more than 2 years to share her travel experiences, not only to earn more to satisfy her travel wish but also to share the Vietnam images to friends all over the world.

Phuong Nguyen

Love traveling and introducing Vietnam to foreign friends, Phuong Nguyen always wishes to share her own experiences in those Vietnam destinations that she has been to.

Quang Dinh

Having 2 years studying in the United Kingdom, Quang Dinh saw interest in the eyes of his friends whenever he told them anything about Vietnam’s beauty, culture, and traditions. As such, he wants to use his words to introduce his Vietnam to more and more foreign friends that he doesn’t have opportunity to meet.

Van Tran

Love traveling and wandering, Rachel Tran has over 10 years of experience in blogging and used to travel to many hot spots in Vietnam and the world as well.
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