Vietnam embassy in France

Vietnam Embassy in France functions as a bridge between the Vietnamese Government
and its counterpart in France. It is also the place where French citizens
and residents can visit to apply for a visa to Vietnam.


62-66 Rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, FRANCE
+33-01-45243948 |

Vietnam VISA Guide

If you are French citizen or resident and want to apply for a visa to Vietnam, you can do it by either of the following ways:

  • Directly contact the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a visa; OR
  • Apply for a visa on arrival if traveling to Vietnam by air.
Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in France even I’m not citizen of this country?

Yes, you can apply for Vietnam visa at any Embassy of Vietnam in any country which is convenient for you.

You can find out the address & contact of Vietnam Embassy in France through:

But before you contact Vietnam embassy, please be kindly informed that you have one convenient option to get it – getting Vietnam visa on arrival if you are traveling to Vietnam by air.

For detailed information and guide to get Vietnam visa in France, simply click at:

I’m French but I’m now working in UK. Can I apply for Vietnam visa on arrival in UK?

Yes. A Vietnam visa on arrival can be applied at any place which is convenient for you, provided that you have a device with internet connection. To obtain Vietnam visa a on arrival, you only need to fill out this Online Vietnam Visa Application Form, then get visa approval letter via email within certain period of time and then get visa stamped at Vietnam airport.

How to get Vietnam visa for French?

There are two options to get a Vietnam visa for French, namely:
  1. Getting Vietnam visa on arrival (highly recommended for those traveling to Vietnam by air);
  2. Getting visa at Vietnam embassy;

I’m currently living in France but I’m not French passport holder. Do I need a visa to Vietnam?

As we are not sure about your nationality, please check your Vietnam visa requirement by directing to top of this page and selecting your nationality.

French citizens do not need a visa for Vietnam. I am right?

Please be kindly informed that at the moment, a Vietnam visa is not required for French if:
  • Their stay in Vietnam is less than 15 days,
  • Their passport is valid for at least 6 months following their planned exit date from Vietnam, and
  • Their arrival date does not fall within 30 days from exit date of their last stay in Vietnam with visa exemption.
Otherwise, getting a Vietnam visa for French citizens is required.