Vietnam embassy in Spain

Vietnam Embassy in Spain functions as a bridge between the Vietnamese Government
and its counterpart in Spain. It is also the place where Spanish citizens
and residents can visit to apply for a visa to Vietnam.


Calle Segre No5, 28002 Madrid

Vietnam VISA Guide

If you are Spanish citizen or resident and want to apply for a visa to Vietnam, you can do it by either of the following ways:

  • Directly contact the Vietnam Embassy in Spain to apply for a visa; OR
  • Apply for a visa on arrival if traveling to Vietnam by air.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Frequently asked questions

What is the penalty for overstaying my visa in Vietnam? I’m Spanish.

Vietnam visas and immigration issues fall within the purview of the Vietnamese authorities. Financial penalties for overstaying the validity of your visa are determined on a case-by-case basis. But we do not recommend you overstay your visa. In case your visa is about to expire and you wish to extend your stay, please contact the Vietnam Immigration Department or a travel agency to have your visa extended.

I’m not Spanish citizen but I’m currently residing in this country. Can I apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Spain or do I need to come back to my home country to apply for it?

You CAN apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Spain.

But before you go, we recommend you check your Vietnam visa requirement for Spanish citizens to save your money in case you do not need one.

I am not traveling to Vietnam by air, so I need to obtain Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy. But I wonder whether I can obtain it via the embassy in Laos or Cambodia before Vietnam, as my place is not close to Vietnam embassy in Spain.

Yes. You can apply for Vietnam visa at any Vietnam embassy/consulate which is convenient for you. However, please kindly note that the visa procedure may vary from embassy to embassy, so you need to contact the embassy you wish to apply for visa with for details about the document requirements as well as time processing to best prepare for your trip to Vietnam.

I’m Spanish. In case I need Vietnam visa, how do I get it?

Please be kindly informed that, you may have two ways to obtain a Vietnam visa for Spanish citizens as follows:

  1. Getting a visa on arrival (highly recommended if you are traveling to Vietnam by air, as it is convenient and simple to apply. You only need to submit an online Vietnam visa application which requires no document, just little information), get visa approval letter via email and then get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport); OR
  2. Getting visa at Vietnam embassy in Madrid, Spain or in any country which is convenient for you if you are not traveling to Vietnam by air.

I’m Spanish. Do I need to obtain Vietnam visa for my visit to your country?

No. At the moment, you do not need to obtain Vietnam visa to stay in Vietnam for up to 15 days if:
  1. your passport is valid for at least 6 months following your planned date of departure from Vietnam and have at least 2 blank pages; and
  2. your arrival date does not fall within 30 days following exit date of your last stay in Vietnam with visa exemption.
Otherwise, you will need a visa to Vietnam.