Vietnam Visa for Austria Citizens

Last update: Jan 02, 2020

Do Austrian Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam?

Yes. Before entering Vietnam for any purpose, tourism or business, the Austrian passport holders are REQUIRED to obtain a Vietnam visa. You can see an overview of this visa requirement in the table below.

Type of visaVisa Requirement
Tourist visaRequired
Business visaRequired

In addition to the visa, here’s what the Austrian citizens need in order to enter Vietnam without problem:

  • Their Austria passport is valid for at least 6 months from date of entry to Vietnam;
  • Their Austria passport has at least 2 blank pages.

How to apply for a Vietnam Visa for Austrian Citizens?

There are currently 02 ways to get a visa to Vietnam for Austrian citizens:

1. Get visa at Vietnam embassy

You, with this method, need to contact the Vietnam embassy in Austria (if you are residing in Austria), or in any country where you are residing (if you are outside Austria) to apply for the visa to Vietnam.

Here come the documents to get a visa via the embassy of Vietnam in Austria:

  • Complete the online form here, (place of visa submission and collection should be VIET NAM EMBASSY  IN AUSTRIA), print it out, sign and attached with 01 photo.
  • Original passport and 01 copy of passport (photo and personal detail pages).
  • A prepaid return envelope if you want to get the passport back by mail.
  • Invitation letter (for business visa);
  • Others as possibly requested by the embassy.

The visa processing time is normally 3 – 5 business days.

2. Apply online for Visa on arrival (Recommended)

Visa on arrival is considered the best option to get a visa to Vietnam for Austria citizens traveling to Vietnam by air, especially for those whose residence is far from the embassy of Vietnam as it requires:

  • NO TRAVEL to the embassy;
  • NO DOCUMENTS for application;
  • an internet-access device ONLY.

With VOA via, you need to:

Filling out the secure online application form, and make payment of service fee;
Receiving the visa approval letter by email, normally in 2 working days (for tourist visa) or 7 working days (for business visa);
Pay the stamping fee in cash at Vietnam airport upon arrival there to get visa stamped onto passport.

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How much is a Vietnam visa for Austrian citizens?

The Vietnam visa fees for Australian passport holders depends on the way you are applying for the visa:

  • The embassy visa fee may vary case by case;
  • The visa on arrival fee is fixed at US$25 or US$50 as stamping fee (for a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 months) PLUS (+) visa on arrival service fee. You can see the table below for details about how much you need to pay for your visa(s) to Vietnam.

Showing price for:
Tourist visa
Business visa
Type of visa1 pax2 pax3+ paxStamping fee
1 month single entry$21$18.25$17.25 $25
3 months single entry$34$30.25$28.25 $25
1 month multiple entry$26$23.25$22.25 $50
3 months multiple entry$55$52.25$46.75 $50
Type of visa1 pax2 pax3+ paxStamping fee
1 month single entry$119$114$108 $25
3 months single entry$140$133$126 $25
1 month multiple entry$119$114$108 $50
3 months multiple entry$146$139$135 $50
6 months multiple entry$361$344$333 $95

Service Fee is quoted in US $/pax

The above fees apply to normal service of 2 working days processing. You need to pay extra:
  • US $10/pax for 1 working day processing;
  • US $25/pax for 4 working hours processing;
  • US $50/pax for 2 working hours processing.
The above fees apply to normal service of 7 working days processing. You need to pay extra:
  • US $30/pax for 3 working days processing;
  • US $50/pax for 2 working days processing.

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