Vietnam Visa for Oman Citizens

Last update: Mar 03, 2022

Do Oman Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam?

Yes. All Omani passport holders are REQUIRED to get a valid visa for every visit to Vietnam, no matter they are in Oman or any other country, visiting Vietnam for leisure or business.

Type of visa Visa Requirement
Tourist visa Required
Business visa Required

To enter Vietnam, the following entry requirements also should be met:

  • The Oman passport is valid for at least 06 months following the arrival date; and
  • The Omani passport has at least 02 blank pages.

How to Apply for a Vietnam visa for Oman Citizens?

There are currently 02 ways to get a visa to Vietnam for Oman passport holders: Applying for visa at the Vietnam embassy and Applying online for a visa on arrival.

1. Get Embassy Visa

There is no embassy/consulate of Vietnam in Oman up to now.

Contact the local Vietnam embassy/consulate in nearby countries to get a visa stamp on your passport before departure to Vietnam.

While the embassy visa is the single option to get the visa for Omanis traveling to Vietnam by cruise, train or bus, those entering Vietnam by air have another convenient alternative to get the visa for Vietnam – Visa on arrival.

2. Get Visa on Arrival (Recommended)

Visa on arrival (VOA) is considered the best way to get a visa for Omani citizens traveling to Vietnam by air.

With VOA, you will get a visa approval letter via email before departure for Vietnam, and finally get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport. The process to get the letter is completely done online with an internet-connected device.

To get the letter, please send a soft copy of your Omani passport to our email or send your request below. Our staff will get back to you soon with further assistance.

Vietnam Visa Fees for Citizens of Oman

How much is a Vietnam visa for Oman citizens?

  • For the embassy visa, the fee is not published by the embassy. So you should contact the embassy for details.
  • For visa on arrival, Omani nationals need to pay at least US$25 for visa stamping at Vietnam airport PLUS (+) visa approval letter fee. This fee may vary case by case, so please call us at +84.946.583.583 or live chat with us for details.

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